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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2018EditorialCecilia Tortajada 
2007Editorial introduction: Bringing the 'left behind' back into view in Asia: A framework for understanding the 'migration-left behind nexus'Toyota, M. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. ; Nguyen, L. 
Feb-2008Editorial introduction: International marriage, rights and the state in East and Southeast AsiaToyota, M. 
20181127Editorial, January 2019Cecilia Tortajada 
2009Editorial: The Thinking Citizenship SeriesIsin, E.F.; Nyers, P.; Turner, B.S. 
May-2013Education and human capital development in the giants of AsiaJones, G. ; Ramchand, D.
12-Nov-2018Educational Friction: Striated Routes, Transitions Velocity, and Value Recuperation among Singaporean Private Degree StudentsYi' En Cheng 
2010Effects of International Migration on Families Left BehindYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Hoang, Lan Anh ; Lam, Choy Fong Theodora 
2019Effects of social learning on rural farmers? adaptive capacity: Empirical insights from the Vietnamese Mekong DeltaThong Tran ; Helen James; Nhan Kieu Dang
Jan-2013Effects of welfare reform on illicit drug use of adult womenCorman, H.; Dave, D.M.; Das, D. ; Reichman, N.E.
28-Oct-2019Elites, masses, and democratic decline in IndonesiaEdward Aspinall; Diego Fossati; Burhanuddin Muhtadi; Eve Warburton 
2003Emigration from China: A sending country perspectiveBiao, X. 
1-Sep-2008Engaging the south: Ming China and southeast Asia in the fifteenth centuryWade, G. 
Jun-2008Envisioning the nation: Women activists, religion and the public sphere in IndonesiaRinaldo, R. 
Jul-2004Ergonomic risk factors of work processes in the semiconductor industry in Peninsular MalaysiaChee, H.-L. ; Rampal, K.G.; Chandrasakaran, A.
9-Aug-2018Everyday Knowledge on the Move: Dynamic Process and Micro Politics of the Transfer of Guangchang wuJingfu Chen; Ningning Chen 
2015Everyday Politics of (In)formal Marital Dissolution in Cambodia and IndonesiaBrickell K., Platt M. 
2011Examining labour migration regimes in East Asia: Appearance and technique of control in TaiwanLu, M.C.-W. 
2015Explaining religious differentials in family-size preference: Evidence from Nepal in 1996Pearce, Lisa D.; Brauner-Otto, Sarah R.; Ji Yingchun 
2013Exploiting potential citation papers in scholarly paper recommendationSugiyama, K. ; Kan, M.-Y.