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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Under one roof? Left-behind children's perspectives in negotiating relationships with absent and return-migrant parentsLam, T ; Yeoh, B.S.A 
22-Sep-2017Understanding protest "violence" in Hong Kong from the youth perspectiveSonia Lam-Knott 
2004Understanding the internet's political impact in AsiaGeorge, C. 
1-Apr-2020Unpacking the ‘Singapore New Wave’Fong, Siao Yuong ; Ng, How Wee
2019‘Until death do us part’? Migrant wives, left-behind husbands, and the negotiation of intimacy in transnational marriagesKristel Anne Acedera ; Brenda Yeoh 
16-Sep-2019Urban custodians and hospitable citizens: citizenship and social actions at two liberal arts universities in Hong Kong and ShanghaiCHENG YI'EN ; JANE MARGARET JACOBS 
2013Urban development in a decentralized Indonesia: Two success stories?Bunnell, T.; Ann Miller, M. ; Phelps, N.A.; Taylor, J.
Nov-2006Varieties of habitus and the embodiment of balletWainwright, S.P.; Williams, C.; Turner, B.S. 
2006Viet Nam: Borderless historiesTran, N.T.; Reid, A. 
Mar-2005Vietnamese new year rice cakes: Iconic festive dishes and contested national identityAvieli, N. 
16-Nov-2018Volunteer motivation, social problem solving, self-efficacy, and mental health: A structural equation model approachLue Fang ; Ying LAU ; Ling Jie Cheng
Oct-2004War, Peace and the Burden of History in AcehReid, A. 
2008We know where we're going, but we don't know where we are: An interview with Lawrence GrossbergCho, Y. 
22-Jul-2020Webs of Care: Qualitative GIS Research on Aging, Mobility, and Care Relations in SingaporeHo, Elaine Lynn-Ee ; Zhou, Guo ; Liew, Jian An ; Chiu, Tuen Yi ; Huang, Shirlena; Yeoh, Brenda SA 
22-May-2019What older people need in Singapore: a household budgets studyNg, Kok Hoe ; Teo, You Yenn ; Neo Yu Wei ; Maulod, Ad ; Ting, Yi Ting 
25-Aug-2017Who Migrates? Tracking Gendered Access to Migration Within Households ?In Flux? Across TimeChoon Khoo ; Maria Platt ; Brenda Yeoh 
23-Feb-2017Whose landscape, whose heritage? Landscape politics of `swiftlet farming? in a World Heritage CityCreighton Connolly 
Apr-2005Why are population and development issues not given priority?Jones, G.W. 
May-2011Why scholars of minority rights in Asia should recognize the limits of Western modelsMiller, M.A. 
2009Women, marriage and family in Southeast AsiaJones, G.W.