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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Predicting Helpful Posts in Open-Ended Discussion Forums: A Neural ArchitectureHalder, Kishaloy ; Kan, Min-Yen ; Sugiyama, Kazunari 
Sep-2007Predictive validity of the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire: A longitudinal study on the socio-psychological adaptation of Asian undergraduates who took part in a study-abroad programLeong, C.-H. 
2009PrefaceJones, C.W.; Leng, C.H. ; Mohamad, M. 
Oct-2017Prevalence and Determinants of Adherence to Oral Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy among Breast Cancer Patients in Singapore.Ali, Eskinder Eshetu; Cheung, Ka Lok ; Lee, Chee Ping; Leow, Jo Lene ; Yap, Kevin Yi-Lwern ; Chew, Lita 
2009Private lives, public contention Muslim-non-Muslim family disputes in MalaysiaMohamad, M. ; Aziz, Z.; Sim, C.O.
2013Problematizing the interplay between decentralized governance and the urban in asiaMiller, M.A. ; Bunnell, T.
5-Oct-2020Producing Multiple Imaginations of the Silk Road in Xi'an, China?s Urban DevelopmentYang Yang 
2011Product review summarization from a deeper perspectiveLy, D.K.; Sugiyama, K. ; Lin, Z.; Kan, M.-Y. 
15-Feb-2006Profile of arthritis disability: IIVerbrugge, L.M. ; Juarez, L.
Jan-2012Profits or people? rubber plantations and everyday technology in rural IndochinaAso, M. 
May-2013Progress and its ruins: Ghosts, migrants, and the uncanny in ThailandJohnson, A.A. 
Mar-2012Promises and threats: IN2015 masterplan to pervasive computing in SingaporeHua, M.T.A. 
Aug-2020Psychological Resilience of Older Midlife Singaporeans: Findings from a National StudyAbhijit Visaria ; Angelique Chan 
Sep-2006Public intellectuals, globalization and the sociological calling: A reply to criticsTurner, B.S. 
1-Oct-2012Ravana's airforce: A report on the state of Indian televisionMehta, N. 
12-Mar-2018Re-politicising international migration narratives? Critical reflections on the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum for Migration and DevelopmentKellynn Wee ; Kudakwashe P. Vanyoro; Zaheera Jinnah
26-Sep-2019Reclaiming urban narratives: Spatial politics and storytelling amongst Hong Kong youthsSonia Lam-Knott 
22-Mar-2019Recognition in India?s new service professions: gym trainers and coffee baristasMichiel Baas ; Julien Cayla
1-Jul-2010Reflections on Chinese ethnicity and ethnic politics: Guest editor's introductionYongjia, L. 
2010Regional networks of knowledge in eastern Asia interrupted historiesReid, A.