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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2017Introduction for a special section on mobilities and exceptional spaces in AsiaKumiko Kawashima ; Brenda Yeoh 
May-2013Introduction to the Special Issue on the Death, Afterlife, and Immortality of Bodies and DataGraham, C. ; Gibbs, M.; Aceti, L.
19-Oct-2020Introduction to the special section ?Platforms, precarity, and entrepreneurship: Mobile communication in Asia?Eric Kerr ; Rich Ling
May-2011Introduction-ethnic minorities in Asia: Inclusion or exclusion?Miller, M.A. 
Apr-2012Introduction: Asian Cities in an Era of DecentralisationMiller, M.A. ; Bunnell, T.
2004Introduction: Globalisation and the politics of forgettingLee, Y.-S. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. 
Mar-2007Introduction: Making Islamic authority matterVolpi, F.; Turner, B.S. 
Apr-2005Introduction: Meeting the challenges of HIV/AIDS in Southeast and East AsiaPiper, Nicola ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2004Introduction: migrants' vulnerability and health risks in AsiaToyota, Mika ; Jatrana, Santosh; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
12-Nov-2018Introduction: Mobile Aspirations? Youth Im/mobilities in the Asia-PacificShanthi Roberston; Brenda Yeoh ; Yi' En Cheng 
2006Introduction: The construction of Vietnamese historical identitiesTran, N.T. ; Reid, A. 
Mar-2008Introduction: The price of pietyTurner, B.S. 
Mar-2010Introduction: Transnational families in the SouthLu, M.C.-W. ; Carrasco, L.N.; van Dokkum, A.
17-Sep-2017Is private higher education in Singapore a ‘second chance’ option?CHENG YI'EN 
2012Islam and constitutionalism in IndonesiaBush, R. 
Jul-2007Islam, religious revival and the sovereign stateTurner, B.S. 
Jan-2010Islamic literary networks in South and Southeast AsiaRicci, R. 
Feb-2012It's Already Gone Too Far': Women and the Transition into Marriage in Lombok, IndonesiaPlatt, M. 
Apr-2011Jakarta in post-Suharto Indonesia: Decentralisation, neo-liberalism and global city aspirationBunnell, T.; Miller, M.A. 
Apr-2006'Just crumbling to bits'? An exploration of the body, Ageing, injury and career in classical ballet dancersWainwright, S.P.; Turner, B.S.