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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Recent developments in Singapore's motor vehicle policiesPhang, S.-Y. ; Asher, M.G. 
Oct-2012Reducing disparities and enhancing sustainability in Asian Pension systemsGuerard, Y.; Asher, M. ; Park, O.; Estrada, G.B.
Feb-1990Regional disparities in Indonesia: A social indicators approachKhan, H. ; Islam, I.
1997Regionalization, economic restructuring and labour migration in SingaporeHui, W.-T. 
1994Regulatory framework against unfair competition for an emerging market economyLu, Ding 
1998Reliability sampling plans for the two-parameter exponential distribution under progressive censoringBalasooriya, U. ; Saw, S.L.C. 
1991Reservation wage analysis of unemployed youths in AustraliaWeng-Tat, Hui 
1996Ricardian equivalence: Empirical evidence from developing economiesKhalid, A.M. 
1995Robust Bayesian estimators in a one-way ANOVA modelBian, G. 
1997Serum insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and dehydroepiandrosterone- sulphate (DHEA-S) in a community dwelling elderly populationZhou, X.; Hintz, R.L.; Lin, T.-K. ; How, W.H.K.; Aw, T.-C.; Lee, K.-O.
1990Shelter for the poor: housing policy in SingaporeLim, Chong-Yah ; Tay, Boon-Nga 
1997Short-term interest rate models and generation of interest rate scenariosTse, Y.K. 
1996Simultaneous confidence intervals for pairwise multiple comparisons in a two-way unbalanced designCheung, S.H.; Chan, W.S. 
1998Simultaneous one-sided pairwise comparisons in a two-way designCheung, S.H. ; Zhu, H.T.
1996Singapore's experience with car quotas: Issues and policy processesPhang, S.-Y. ; Wong, W.-K. ; Chia, N.-C. 
Jul-1993Singapore's motor vehicle policy: Review of recent changes and a suggested alternativePhang, S.-Y. 
1995Singapore-India Relations: A PrimerYong, Mun Cheong ; Rao, V. V. Bhanoji 
1974Social policy and population growth in South East AsiaYou Poh Seng; Rao, B. ; Shantakumar, G. 
1993Social security in the Asian-Pacific regionTyabji, A. 
1996Some asymptotic results on Box-Cox transformation methodologyYang, Z.