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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Nonlinear dynamics of the Nikkei Stock Average FuturesTse, Y.K. 
1983On calculating the edgeworth approximate distribution of an econometric estimator or test statisticTse, Y.K. 
1998On sample size and quick simultaneous confidence interval estimations for multinomial proportionsKwong, K.-S. 
1996On singular multivariate normal distribution and its applicationsKwong, K.-S. ; Iglewicz, B.
1997On tests for long memory in Pacific Basin stock returnsKoong, C.S.; Tsui, A.K. ; Chan, W.S. 
1992Optimum exponential regression with one nonlinear termKumar, K. 
1995Outliers and financial time series modelling: A cautionary noteChan, W.-s. 
1992Pacific economic cooperation conferenceLow, L. 
1992Padé approximation and its application in time series analysisKumar, K. 
1995Paediatric pacemaker implant using the transvenous endocardial approach.Quek, S.C. ; Ng, K.S.; Tan, C. ; Lee, C.N. ; Chow, H.K. ; Tay, J.
1996Payroll Taxes and VAT in a Labor-Turnover Model of the 'Natural Rate'Hoon, H.T. ; Phelps, E.S.
Dec-2002Pension reform in an affluent and rapidly ageing society: The Singapore caseAsher, M.G. 
2013People's republic of ChinaChia, S.Y. 
Nov-1988Philippines: A Framework for Economic Recovery. A World Bank Country StudyDaquila, Teofilo C 
Oct-1994Poverty-reducing targeting programmes: A general equilibrium approachChia, N.-C. ; Wahba, S.; Whalley, J.
1993Price-volume relation in stocks: A multiple time series analysis on the Singapore marketChan, W.S. ; Tse, Y.K. 
Mar-1982Problems of indexation in financially liberalized less developed economiesKapur, B.K. 
1997Recent developments in Singapore's motor vehicle policiesPhang, S.-Y. ; Asher, M.G. 
Oct-2012Reducing disparities and enhancing sustainability in Asian Pension systemsGuerard, Y.; Asher, M. ; Park, O.; Estrada, G.B.