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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Implications of liberalisation on airport development and strategy in the Asia PacificChin, A.T.H. 
Oct-1997Imports, exports and economic growth: Cointegration and causality tests for SingaporeKhalid, A.M. ; Cheng, B.T.
Jun-1991Inappropriate use of seasonal dummies in regressionAbeysinghe, T. 
1991Inappropriate use of seasonal dummies in regressionAbeysinghe, T. 
Dec-1996Indian economic reforms and ASEAN-India economic relationsRao, V.V.B. 
1996Individual lifetime uncertainty, annuity market and the Central Provident FundTeck, H.H. ; Yee, N.L.
1986Industrial restructuring, technological development and manpower planning: the Singapore case.Shantakumar, G. 
Oct-1989Inflation and financial deepening. CommentKapur, B.K. 
1990Influences on commuter trip departure time decisions in SingaporeChin, A.T.H. 
1988Integration of China into the Asian-Pacific regionWong, J. 
1995Interest rate models and option pricing: A sensitivity analysisTse, Y.K. 
1997Is there a business cycle in Singapore? Is there a Singaporean business cycle?Nadal De Simone, F.D.A.; Tongzon, J.L. 
1992Lessons from China's economic reformChen, K. ; Jefferson, G.H.; Singh, I.
1992Macroeconomic shocks in a dynamized model of the natural rate of unemploymentHian Teck Hoon ; Phelps, E.S.
1997Macroeconomic variables and stock prices in a small open economy: The case of SingaporeMookerjee, R.; Yu, Q. 
1996Market size, comparative advantage and the natural rate of unemploymentHoon, H.T. 
1991Measurement and determinants of socioeconomic development: A critical conspectusKhan, H. 
Apr-1992MLE of some continuous time financial models: Some Monte Carlo resultsTse, Y.K. 
1992MLE of some continuous time financial models: Some Monte Carlo resultsTse, Y.K. 
1986Models of export instability and empirical tests for less-developed countriesWong, C.M.