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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Defense spending cutbacks and real interest rates in the neoclassical one-sector and two-sector modelsHoon, H.T. 
Jul-1993Demand For Money In Singapore RevisitedPhua, Alan Kia Fatt; Daquila, Teofilo C 
1995Determinants of port performance and efficiencyTongzon, J.L. 
1994Deterministic seasonal models and spurious regressionsAbeysinghe, T. 
1994Development of an open-door policy: experience of China and VietnamZuo, Xiao Lei 
Mar-1990Development strategies, economic performance, and relations with the United States: Signapore's experienceHock, O.C. 
1996Difficulty in applying discriminant function to patients with HbE trait [5]Te Chih Liu; Peck Sheong Seong; Tin Kwong Lin ; Hinchliffe, R.F.; Ellis, S.P.; Lilleyman, J.S.
2000Do poor countries tend to grow faster than rich countries?Rao, V.V.B. ; Thangavelu, S.M.
1997Does the early bird always get the worm? Market institutions and the timing of employment decisionsXing, X. 
Oct-1986Duration dependence, targeted employment subsidies and unemployment benefitsHui, W.T. ; Trivedi, P.K.
1989Economic cooperation in ASEAN: advances and difficultiesWong, J. 
1989Economic cooperation in ASEAN: advances and difficultiesWong, J. 
Oct-1996Economic development and the distribution of land rents in Singapore: A georgist implementationPhang, S.-Y. 
1997Economic fluctuation, macro control, and monetary policy in the transitional Chinese economyYu, Q. 
1990Economic impact of tourism in SingaporeHeng, T.M. ; Low, L. 
Nov-1982Edgeworth approximations in first-order stochastic difference equations with exogenous variablesTse, Y.K. 
1993Efficiency wages and economic growthHoon, H.T. 
1998Endogenous money in China: Evidence and insights on recent policiesPeebles, G. ; Mookerjee, R.
1990Ethnic fertility differentials in peninsular Malaysia and SingaporeSaw, S.-H. 
May-1994Exact distributions, density functions and moments of the last squares estimator in a first-order autoregressive modelTsui, A.K. ; Ali, M.M.