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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Capital investment, international trade and econimic growth in China: Evidence in the 1980-90sYu, Q. 
Jan-1988Capital mobility and exchange rate overshooting. CommentKapur, B.K. 
1995Caution implies profitHuang, W. 
1985Central Provident Fund, insurance and economic security: the case of Singapore.Yoong Sin, L. 
1990Changes in the fertility policy of SingaporeSwee-Hock, S.
1987China's emerging economic relationship with southeast AsiaWong, J. 
1993Civil service pay in the Asian-Pacific regionChew, D. 
Apr-1991Commodity Price Fluctuations and Macroeconomic Adjustments in the Developed CountriesDaquila, Teofilo C 
1991Comparative advantage and the equilibrium rate of unemploymentHoon, H.T. 
Jul-1997Conditional volatility in foreign exchange rates: Evidence from the Malaysian ringgit and Singapore dollar 1Tse, Y.K.; Tsui, A.K.C. 
1997Conditional volatility in foreign exchange rates: Evidence from the Malaysian ringgit and Singapore dollar1Tse, Y.K. ; Tsui, A.K.C. 
1996Containing air pollution and traffic congestion: Transport policy and the environment in SingaporeChin, A.T.H. 
1998Contributions to charitable organizations in a developing country: The case of SingaporeWong, C.M. ; Chua, V.C.H. ; Vasoo, S. 
1989Country studies and the value of household productionQuah, E. 
1997Curbing Urban Traffic Congestion in Singapore: A Comprehensive ReviewToh, R.S.; Phang, S.-Y. 
1998Currency crises and the modified currency board system in SingaporeChan, K.S.; Ngiam, K.-J. 
1992Defense spending cutbacks and real interest rates in the neoclassical one-sector and two-sector modelsHoon, H.T. 
Jul-1993Demand For Money In Singapore RevisitedPhua, Alan Kia Fatt; Daquila, Teofilo C 
1995Determinants of port performance and efficiencyTongzon, J.L. 
1994Deterministic seasonal models and spurious regressionsAbeysinghe, T.