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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A CGE approach to modeling the development ladderAdams, F.G.; Park, I. 
1998A class of differential games which admits a feedback solution with linear value functionsYeung, D.W.K. 
Aug-1992A comparison of some estimators of time series autocorrelationsChan, W.-s. ; Wei, W.W.S.
1986A decade of fertility below replacement level in SingaporeSaw, S.-H. 
1998A likelihood ratio test for a shift in the lifelength distributionGadag, V.; Balasooriya, U. 
Mar-1991A note on Balassa's hypothesisNgiam, K.-J. 
1999A note on convex stochastic dominanceWong, W.-K. ; Li, C.-K.
1987A note on Sargan densitiesTse, Y.K. 
1996A note on simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportionsKwong, K.-S. 
1993A proof of the continuity theorem for characteristic functionsSadooghi-Alvandi, S.M. 
1996A test of the rational expectations-permanent income hypothesis for Singapore revisitedWilson, P. 
1996AFTA and APEC, with policy implications for Vietnam's trade and FDIZhang, Z. 
1998Ageing labour force in a labour shortage economy: The case of SingaporeKalirajan, K.R.; Shantakumar, G. 
1995Aging and social policy in SingaporeShantakumar, G. 
1987Agricultural development, industrialization, and basic needs fulfilment: a taxonomic approach.Khan, H. ; Zerby, J.A.
1985Alternative paths to future population growth in Singapore.Saw Swee-Hock 
1998An empirical analysis of the stochastic behaviour of short-term interest rates in SingaporeTse, Y.K. 
1998An investigation of stock price dynamics in emerging marketsYeung, D.W.K. ; Poon, J.P.H. 
1993Analysing a mental health survey by chi-squared automatic interaction detection.Huang, H.C. ; Lin, T.K. ; Ngui, P.W.
1996Analysis of mortality rates via marginal extended quasi-likelihoodLu, W.-S. ; Tsutakawa, R.K.