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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998On sample size and quick simultaneous confidence interval estimations for multinomial proportionsKwong, K.-S. 
1996On singular multivariate normal distribution and its applicationsKwong, K.-S. ; Iglewicz, B.
1997On tests for long memory in Pacific Basin stock returnsKoong, C.S.; Tsui, A.K. ; Chan, W.S. 
1992Optimum exponential regression with one nonlinear termKumar, K. 
1995Outliers and financial time series modelling: A cautionary noteChan, W.-s. 
1992Pacific economic cooperation conferenceLow, L. 
1992Padé approximation and its application in time series analysisKumar, K. 
1995Paediatric pacemaker implant using the transvenous endocardial approach.Quek, S.C. ; Ng, K.S.; Tan, C. ; Lee, C.N. ; Chow, H.K. ; Tay, J.
1996Payroll Taxes and VAT in a Labor-Turnover Model of the 'Natural Rate'Hoon, H.T. ; Phelps, E.S.
Dec-2002Pension reform in an affluent and rapidly ageing society: The Singapore caseAsher, M.G. 
2013People's republic of ChinaChia, S.Y. 
Nov-1988Philippines: A Framework for Economic Recovery. A World Bank Country StudyDaquila, Teofilo C 
Oct-1994Poverty-reducing targeting programmes: A general equilibrium approachChia, N.-C. ; Wahba, S.; Whalley, J.
1993Price-volume relation in stocks: A multiple time series analysis on the Singapore marketChan, W.S. ; Tse, Y.K. 
Mar-1982Problems of indexation in financially liberalized less developed economiesKapur, B.K. 
1997Recent developments in Singapore's motor vehicle policiesPhang, S.-Y. ; Asher, M.G. 
Oct-2012Reducing disparities and enhancing sustainability in Asian Pension systemsGuerard, Y.; Asher, M. ; Park, O.; Estrada, G.B.
Feb-1990Regional disparities in Indonesia: A social indicators approachKhan, H. ; Islam, I.
1997Regionalization, economic restructuring and labour migration in SingaporeHui, W.-T. 
1994Regulatory framework against unfair competition for an emerging market economyLu, Ding