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24-Jun-2019Achievements for building a learning communityKevin Robert Hartman ; Ng, Shun Geng ; Lakshminarasimhan, Aishwarya ; Ramasamy, Thangamani ; Farahani, Melika; Boesch, Chris
2-Jun-2019ChairVisE: An analytic lens for conference submission dataKan Min-Yen ; Prasad, Animesh ; Ahuja, Saumya; Jiang, Shenhao ; Wadhwa, Bimlesh 
2018Cold Start Thread Recommendation as Extreme Multi-label ClassificationKishaloy Halder ; Lahari Poddar ; Min-Yen Kan 
2019Dataset Mention Extraction and ClassificationPrasad, Animesh ; Si, Chenglei; Kan, Min-Yen 
2019Glocal: Incorporating Global Information in Local Convolution for Keyphrase ExtractionPrasad, Animesh ; |Kan, Min-Yen 
5-Mar-2019Growing an Institutional Data Lake into a Community GoodKevin Robert Hartman 
2018Identifying Emergent Research Trends by Key Authors and PhrasesShenhao Jiang ; Animesh Prasad ; Min-Yen Kan ; Kazunari Sugiyama 
17-Apr-2020Looping in learners: Reconciling data-driven decision making systems in education with co-design methodsKevin Robert Hartman ; Santuka, Aakash
10-Apr-2019Modeling Doctor Visits using a Right Censored Zero-Inflated Conway Maxwell Poisson RegressionSeyed Ehsan Saffar ; Robiah Adnan; Majid Hashemi Fard; Vitor Marchi; Francisco Louzada; John Allen ; Adeleh Hashemi Fard; William H. Greene 
2-Jun-2019Neural Multi-Task Learning for Citation Function and ProvenanceKan Min-Yen ; Prasad, Animesh ; Su, Xuan ; Sugiyama, Kazunari 
8-Jul-2020Neural side effect discovery from user credibility and experience-assessed online health discussionsVan-Hoang Nguyen; Kazunari Sugiyama ; Min-Yen Kan ; Kishaloy Halder 
2019Predicting Helpful Posts in Open-Ended Discussion Forums: A Neural ArchitectureHalder, Kishaloy ; Kan, Min-Yen ; Sugiyama, Kazunari 
2018Social presence in massive open online coursesPoquet, O ; Kovanovi?, V; de Vries, P; Hennis, T; Joksimovi?, S; Gaševi?, D; Dawson, S
2018Treatment Side Effect Prediction from Online User-generated ContentNguyen, Van Hoang; Sugiyama, Kazunari ; Kan, Min-Yen ; Halder, Kishaloy 
Apr-2019Work-in-Progress: Optimizing Student Engagement During Small Group Activities in Lecture SettingsHartman, Kevin ; Boesch, S Christopher