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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20093D segmentation of soft organs by flipping-free mesh deformationDing, F. ; Leow, W.K. ; Yang, W.; Venkatesh, S.K. 
2006A biphasic parameter estimation method for quantitative analysis of dynamic renal scintigraphic dataKoh, T.S.; Zhang, J.L.; Ong, C.K. ; Shuter, B. 
2008A fast boundary tracing scheme using image patch classificationShen, W. ; Kassim, A.A. ; Shih-Chang, W. 
Jul-2013A fluke diagnosisAhamed, S.H.; Ho, J. ; Venkatesh, S.K. 
2006A Hybrid Approach using Set Theory (HAST) for Magnetic Resonance (MR) Image segmentationJiang, L.; Ban, C.K.; Pin, T.B.; Borys, S. ; Wang, S.-C. 
2010A multimodal virtual anatomy E-learning tool for medical educationLu, J.; Li, L.; Sun, G.P. 
2007A pregnant lady with aggressive breast cancerWong, A.S.C.; Lim, E.H.; Lim, S.-E.; Robless, P.A. ; Back, M.F.; Wang, S.-C. ; Ang, B.-K.
2006A Set-based Hybrid Approach (SHA) for MRI segmentationLiu, J. ; Leong, T.-Y. ; Chee, K.B.; Tan, B.P.; Shuter, B. ; Wang, S.-C. 
Jul-2008Abdominal manifestations of extranodal lymphoma: Spectrum of imaging findingsLee, W.-K.; Lau, E.W.F.; Duddalwar, V.A.; Stanley, A.J.; Ho, Y.Y. 
Jun-2010Accuracy of preoperative CT for local staging in colorectal carcinomasHennedige, T.; Teo, L.; Ang, B. ; Cheong, W.K.; Venkatesh, S.K. 
Jun-2006Acute symptomatic seizures and hippocampus damage: DWI and MRS findingsParmar, H.; Lim, S.-H.; Tan, N.C.K.; Lim, C.C.T. 
May-1990Adenomyomatosis of the gall bladder: the NUH experience.Chan-Wilde, C. ; Chew, R.; Foong, W.C.; Wee, A. 
2010An assessment of time of flight positron emission tomographyJakoby, B.W.; Schaefferkoetter, J.D.; Conti, M.; Spyrou, N.M.; Townsend, D.W. 
2010An Image-Based Comprehensive Approach for Automatic Segmentation of Left Ventricle from Cardiac Short Axis Cine MR ImagesHuang, S.; Liu, J.; Lee, L.C.; Nowinski, W.L.; Venkatesh, S.K. ; Teo, L.L.S.; Au, C.
2003An unusual cause of loin pain in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosusYoon, K.H. ; Goh, P.S. 
Apr-1996Appropriate use of interventional radiology is cost-effective.Tan, L. 
2009Ascending retrocecal appendicitis presenting with right upper abdominal pain: Utility of computed tomographyOng, E.M.W.; Venkatesh, S.K. 
2009Assessment of septal deviation effects on nasal air flow: A computational fluid dynamics modelChen, X.B. ; Lee, H.P. ; Chong, V.F.H. ; De, Wang Y. 
16-Nov-2015Association of maternal Vitamin D status with glucose tolerance and caesarean section in a multi-ethnic Asian cohort: the growing up in Singapore towards healthy outcomes studyLoy, See Ling; Lek, Ngee ; Yap, Kok Peng Fabian ; Soh, Shu E. ; Natarajan, Padmapriya ; Tan, Kok Lian; Biswas, Arijit ; Yeo, George S. H.; Kwek, Yung Chiang Kenneth ; Gluckman, Peter David ; Saw, Seang Mei ; Chong, Foong Fong Mary ; Chan, Kok Yen Jerry ; Chinnadurai, Amutha ; Qiu, Anqi ; Lee, Bee Wah ; Broekman, Birit Froukje Philippien ; Shuter, Borys ; Hsu, Chin-Ying Stephen ; Chee, Yin Ing Cornelia ; Van Bever, Hugo P.S. ; Holbrook, Joanna Dawn ; Gooley, Joshua J. ; Niduvaje, Krishnamoorthy ; Singh, Leher ; Su, Lin Lin ; Shek, Pe-Chi Lynette ; Rauff, How Jing Mary ; Chua, Mei Chien ; Tint, Mya Thway ; Teoh, Oon Hoe ; Wong, Peng Cheang ; Rob Martinus, van Dam ; Rebello, Salome Antonette ; Chong, Shang Chee ; Cai, Shirong ; Rajadurai, Victor Samuel ; Pang, Wei Wei ; Goh, Yam Thiam Daniel ; Cheung, Yin Bun ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Lee, Yung Seng