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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2009A magnetically guided gene delivery strategy in central nervous system.CHING CHI MAN
13-Aug-2009Composite, Method of Producing the Composite and Uses of the SameCHONG EE JAY; LIM CHWEE TECK ; RAMAKRISHNA SEERAM ; PHAN TOAN THANG ; LIM IVOR JIUN 
26-Feb-2008Effect of type 1 Collagen and Gelatin on the adhesion and subsequent mineralization of murine pre-osteoblastsBAI HUIFEN
16-Sep-2007Fabrication and characterization of lateral spin valvesTAN WANJING
21-Jan-2009Fabrication and properties of electroceramic films and nanofibresZHENG RONGYAN
16-Sep-2008Formation of Ultra-Shallow Junctions in Silicon- Germanium by Pulsed Laser AnnealingABIDHA BEGUM
13-Apr-2007Formulation of superparamagnetic Iron oxides by Nanoparticles of Biodegradable polymer for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)NG YEE WOON
15-Dec-2007Growth and characterization of carbon nanowallsCHOONG KAI SHIN, CATHERINE
22-Jun-2009Interconnection Of Electrodes Using Field Emission Induced Growth Of NanowiresFAIZHAL BIN BAKAR
4-Jun-2009Investigation of embedded Zn0 nanoclusters in amorphous diamond like carbon matrix for optoelectronic applications.HSIEH JOVAN
20-Oct-2008Microdevice Prototype Allowing Oligonucleotide Release and Bioassays in the FieldYUE MUN PUN, JEFFREY
28-Aug-2009Nano/Femtosecond laser processing in developing nanocrystalline functional materials for multi-core orthogonal fluxgate sensorTAN LI SIRH
16-Oct-2007Nanofibrous mat for tissue engineering, wound dressing and dermal reconstitutionCHONG EE JAY
8-May-2007Nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers for controlled and targeted delivery of protein drugs and small molecule drugsLEE SIE HUEY
7-Aug-2009Oral Chemotherapy by Poly (Lactide) - Vitamin E TPGS/Montmorillonite NanoparticlesANITHA PANNEERSELVAN
16-May-2009Strain Engineering for Enhanced P-channel Field Effect Transistor PerformanceLIU FANGYUE
16-Aug-2007Surface modification of electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanofibrous microfiltration membraneSATINDERPAL KAUR