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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A Comparative Analysis of the Telecommunications Sector Liberalization in the Philippines and SingaporeSanchez, M.R. ; Lim, M.-A.
2003A social network contagion theory of risk perceptionScherer, C.W.; Cho, H. 
2004Consumers’ Online Privacy ConcernsRivera, Milagros ; Cho, Hichang ; Lim, Sun Sun 
May-2003Excelling at Teaching and Research: A Preliminary Study of Best PracticesLim, Sun Sun ; Wohland, Thorsten ; Oh, Suan Sim Tomasina Marisa 
2004Family Communication in Urban China: ICT Domestication by Middle-Class Families in Beijing and ShanghaiLim, Sun Sun 
Jun-2004From Monochronic to Mobilechronic – Temporality in the Era of Mobile CommunicationChung, Lyn-Yi; Lim, Sun Sun 
2004Industrial development and the dynamics of innovation in Hong KongParayil, G. ; Sreekumar, T.T.
Jul-2013Making Sense of Life's Transitions: Mobile Phones and the Creation of Alternative Spaces by South African YouthsRivera-Sánchez, M. ; Walton, M.
2003Mapping technological trajectories of the Green Revolution and the Gene Revolution from modernization to globalizationParayil, G. 
2003Old People and New Media in Wired Societies: Exploring the Socio - Digital Divide in SingaporeLim, Sun Sun ; Tan, Yen Ling
2004Online Privacy: Consumers’ Concerns and Policy Implications for E-commerceRivera, Milagros ; Cho, Hichang ; Lim, Sun Sun 
2004Parental Control of New Media Usage in Singapore – The Challenges of Infocomm IlliteracyLim, Sun Sun ; Tan, Yen Ling
2004Representation and retrieval of paintings based on art history conceptsYelizaveta, M. ; Tat-Seng, C. ; Irina, A. ; Jain, R.
2002South Korean media industry in the 1990s and the economic crisisShim, D. 
2003Technology acceptance and social networking in distance learningLee, J.-S.; Cho, H. ; Gay, G.; Davidson, B.; Ingraffea, A.
2004The Dance of Life (Digital Remix) – The Impact of Mobile Co mmunication on Time UseLim, Sun Sun ; Chung, Lyn-Yi
2002The experiential dimensions of Internet shopping: An ethnographic analysis of online store websitesLim, Sun Sun 
Mar-2005The Practicality of TheoryLim, Sun Sun 
2002The role of the media in shaping public debate on science and technologyLim, Sun Sun 
23-Aug-2004User behavior and the impact of the internet: A study on Chinese net users in Beijing and ShanghaiJIANG WEI