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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Bayesian approach to condition monitoring with imperfect inspectionsYe, Zhisheng; Chen, Nan ; Tsui, Kwokleung
2008A bayesian inference approach for probabilistic analogy based software maintenance effort estimationLi, Y.F.; Xie, M. ; Goh, T.N. 
2010A Bayesian metamodeling approach for stochastic simulationsYin, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Ng, K.M. 
Jan-2010A Bayesian model-averaging approach for multiple-response optimizationNg, S.H. 
2007A Bayesian network approach to job-shop reschedulingMasruroh, N.A.; Poh, K.L. 
Dec-2010A Bayesian optimal design for accelerated degradation testsLiu, X. ; Tang, L.-C. 
2005A Bayesian tutoring system for Newtonian mechanics: Can it adapt to different learners?Pek, P.-K.; Poh, K.-L. 
2008A bibliographic analysis of the literature on new service developmentZhou, Q.; Tan, K.C. 
1-Jan-2010A bibliometric analysis of service research from AsiaTan, K.C. ; Goudarzlou, A. ; Chakrabarty, A.
Jan-2005A bidirectional heuristic for stochastic assembly line balancing type II problemLiu, S.B. ; Ong, H.L. ; Huang, H.C. 
Oct-2011A burn-in scheme based on percentiles of the residual lifeYe, Z.S.; Tang, L.C. ; Xie, M. 
2009A chance-constrained programming of fourth-party logistics routing problem with fuzzy duration timeCui, Y.; Huang, M.; Wang, X.W.; Lee, L.H. 
2011A circle chart for periodic measurementsXie, M. ; Goh, T.N. ; Deng, P.P.
4-Oct-2004A comparative analysis of index decomposition methodsGRANEL FREDERIC
Jan-2001A comparative analysis of R&D project evaluation methodsPoh, K.L. ; Ang, B.W. ; Bai, F.
Jan-2001A comparative analysis of R&D project evaluation methodsPoh, K.L. ; Ang, B.W. ; Bai, F.
2002A comparative study of 16 national quality awardsTan, K.C. 
Nov-2002A comparative study of algorithms for the flowshop scheduling problemLiu, S.; Ong, H.L. 
1998A comparative study of CCC and CUSUM chartsXie, M. ; Goh, T.N. ; Lu, X.S.
May-2003A comparative study of metaheuristics for vehicle routing problem with stochastic demandsTeng, S. ; Ong, H.L. ; Huang, H.C.