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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A constant-quality price index for resale public housing flats in SingaporeOng, S.E. ; Ho, K.H.D. ; Lim, C.H.
18-Apr-2005A contingent claim analysis of preferential rate mortgagesCHAI CHEE HIAN
2003A Fuzzy Logic framework for Intelligent Building (IB) classification for commercial buildings in the tropicsTan, F.; Lee, S.E. ; Ho, D. ; Schafer, W. 
2012A household-level decomposition of the white-black homeownership gapFesselmeyer, E.; Le, K.T.; Seah, K.Y. 
2002A long run initial yield for offices: A panel cointegration testOng, S.E. ; Lim, L.Y. ; Yu, S.M. ; Khor, A.
Apr-2014A methodological framework for benchmarking smart transport citiesDebnath, A.K. ; Chin, H.C. ; Haque, M.M. ; Yuen, B. 
2001A note on the effects of serial cross correlationBrown, G.R. 
Sep-2012A real option approach to pricing embedded options in retail leasesSing, T.F. 
2016A scientometric analysis of selected GIScience journalsBiljecki F. 
12-Sep-2018A sliding window method for detecting corners of openings from terrestrial lidar dataJiaqiang Li; Biao Xiong; Filip Biljecki ; Gerhard Schrotter
10-Mar-2004A spatio-temporal autoregressive model for multi-unit residential market analysisSUN HUA
2005A spatio-temporal autoregressive model for multi-unit residential market analysisSun, H.; Tu, Y. ; Yu, S.-M. 
4-Mar-2007A study of cross-city growth in ChinaZHOU SHENG
2003A tale of two sectors: Upward mobility and the private housing market in SingaporeBardhan, A.D.; Datta, R.; Edelstein, R.H.; Kim, L.S. 
2005A transitional institution for the emerging land market in urban ChinaZhu, J. 
2005AbstractHan, S.S. 
27-Aug-2018Achieving Complete and Near-Lossless Conversion from IFC to CityGMLRUDI MARIA FRANS ANNE STOUFFS ; HELGA TAUSCHER ; Filip Biljecki 
13-Mar-2007Affordable housing policy and the changing socio-spatial structure of transitional BeijingYOU WENPEI
2011Africa and Asia: Two of the world's fastest growing regionsYuen, B. ; Kumssa, A.