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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A case report of a vital replanted tooth with unfavourable extra-alveolar condition: A 10-year follow-upSae-Lim, V. 
2001A clinical report about an unusual occurrence of post-anesthetic tongue swellingTan, W.K.-S.; Liu, E.H.-C.; Thean, H.P.-Y. 
1996A clinically viable index for quantifying denture plaqueJeganathan, S.; Thean, H.P.Y. ; Thong, K.T.; Chan, Y.C. ; Singh, M. 
Aug-1991A comparison of shear bond strengths between new and recycled ceramic bracketsLew, K.K.K. ; Chew, C.L. ; Lee, K.W.
May-1996A cross-cultural comparison of perceived sources of stress in the dental school environment.Yap, A.U. ; Bhole, S. ; Teo, C.S. 
Jul-1990A method for bonding extracted teeth to a cobalt-chrome prosthesisLim, K.C.
2004A survey of the use of mandibular implant overdentures in 10 countriesCarlsson, G.E.; Kronström, M.; De Baat, C.; Cune, M.; Davis, D.; Garefis, P.; Heo, S.J.; Jokstad, A.; Matsuura, M.; Närhi, T.; Ow, R. ; Pissiotis, A.; Sato, H.; Zarb, G.A.
Jan-1995A survey of tooth injury experience and attitudes to prevention in a group of Singapore schoolboys.Teo, C.S. ; Stokes, A.N. ; Loh, T.; Bagramian, R.A.
1999Acid-base complex reactions in resin-modified and conventional glass ionomer cementsWan, A.C.A.; Yap, A.U.J. ; Hastings, G.W.
1996Acrylic resin labial flange for a Kennedy class I partial denture: A clinical reportKeng, S.-B. 
Mar-1995Adaptation of finger-smoothed irreversible hydrocolloid to impression surfaces.Lim, P.F.; Neo, K.H.; Sitoh, L.; Yeo, K.L.; Stokes, A. 
2007Advanced Noninvasive Light-activated Disinfection: Assessment of Cytotoxicity on Fibroblast Versus Antimicrobial Activity Against Enterococcus faecalisGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. 
1995Advertising in dentistry--a position paper.Thean, H. ; Asha, K.; Lee, H.H.; John, J.; Tang, K.W.; Lam, J.M.; Lau, I.L.
1993An alternate light-cured transfer coping materialPayne, J. 
1997An alternative for making master impressions for complete dentures.Loh, P.L. 
Nov-1991An alternative splint in the management of a patient with a temporomandibular joint disorder: A clinical reportLim, H.D. 
1998An evaluation of bond strengths of denture repair resins by a torsional methodThean, H.P.Y. ; Chew, C.L. ; Goh, K.I.; Norman, R.D.
1996An evaluation of microwave-polymerized resin bases for removable partial denturesLoh, P.L. ; Munoz, C.A.; Goodacre, C.J.; Andres, C.J.; Moore, B.K.
1996An in vitro microleakage study of a new multi-purpose dental adhesive systemYap, A. ; Stokes, A.N.; Pearson, G.J.
Mar-1997An in vitro microleakage study of the 'bonded-base' restorative techniqueYap, A.U.J. ; Mok, B.Y.Y. ; Pearson, G.