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2018Characterisation of the aortic pulse profile of a radial artery applanation tonometry device in patients with aortic stenosisNgiam N.; Shen X.; Tan B.Y.-Q.; Oinuma S.; Lee G.K.; Kong W.K.; Poh K.-K. 
2018Current status of intravenous tissue plasminogen activator dosage for acute ischaemic stroke: An updated systematic reviewWang X.; You S.; Sato S.; Yang J.; Carcel C.; Zheng D.; Yoshimura S.; Anderson C.S.; Sandset E.C.; Robinson T.; Chalmers J.; Sharma V.K. 
2018Development of a healthy lifestyle mobile app for overweight pregnant women: Qualitative studyLau Y. ; Cheng L.J.; Chi C.; Tsai C.; Ong K.W.; Ho-Lim S.S.T.; Wang W.; Tan K.-L. 
2018Development of a new patient-derived xenograft humanised mouse model to study human-specific tumour microenvironment and immunotherapyZhao Y.; Shuen T.W.H.; Toh T.B.; Chan X.Y.; Liu M.; Tan S.Y.; Fan Y.; Yang H.; Lyer S.G.; Bonney G.K.; Loh E.; Chang K.T.E.; Tan T.C.; Zhai W.; Chan J.K.Y. ; Chow E.K.-H.; Chee C.E.; Lee G.H.; Dan Y.Y.; Chow P.K.-H. ; Toh H.C.; Lim S.G.; Chen Q. 
2019Generalisation and maintenance across word classes: comparing the efficacy of two anomia treatments in improving verb namingWeisong Victoria Lai; JoAnn P. Silkes; Irene Minkina; Diane L. Kendall
19-Mar-2019Implementation fidelity of a strategy to integrate service delivery: learnings from a transitional care program for individuals with complex needs in SingaporeMILAWATY NURJONO ; Shrestha, Pami; Ang, Ian Yi Han; FARAH SHIRAZ ; Yoong, Joanne Su-Yin; SUE-ANNE TOH EE SHIOW ; Vrijhoef, Hubertus Johannes Maria
17-Jul-2019Long-Term Outcomes in Children with Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Single-Centre Retrospective StudySHIH YAO HWANG; JIA WEI ONG; ZHI MIN NG; CE YU FOO; SHU ZHEN CHUA; DIANNA SRI; Jan Hau Lee; Shu-Ling Chong
2017LRRK2 interacts with ATM and regulates Mdm2-p53 cell proliferation axis in response to genotoxic stressChen Z. ; Cao Z.; Zhang W.; Gu M. ; Zhou Z.D. ; Li B.; Li J.; Tan E.K. ; Zeng L. 
17-Apr-2019Measurement equivalence of the English, Chinese and Malay versions of the World Health Organization quality of life (WHOQOL-BREF) questionnairesCheung, YB ; Yeo, KK ; Chong, KJ ; Khoo, EYH ; Wee, HL 
2018Membrane surface features of blastocystis subtypesYason J.A. ; Tan K.S.W. 
2018Reduced red blood cell deformability in Plasmodium knowlesi malariaBarber B.E.; Russell B. ; Grigg M.J.; Zhang R. ; William T.; Amir A.; Lau Y.L.; Chatfield M.D.; Dondorp A.M.; Anstey N.M.; Yeo T.W.
13-Aug-2019Risk-Stratified Approach to Anti-Viral Prophylaxis against Cytomegalovirus Disease in Glomerulonephritis or Renal Vasculitis treated with potent ImmunosuppressantsCynthia Ciwei Lim; Ban Hock Tan; Yu Tzu Tung; Huijun Huang; Hao Ying; Irene Mok; Puay Hoon Lee; Jason Choo