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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991A 15-year follow-up study of Chinese schizophrenic patientsTsoi, W.F. ; Wong, K.E.
2003A 20-year follow-up study on schizophrenia in SingaporeKua, J.; Wong, K.E.; Kua, E.H. ; Tsoi, W.F.; Kua, J.
2017A bilingual advantage in 54-month-olds' use of referential cues in fast mappingYow, W. Q.; X. Li; S. Lam; T. Gliga; Chong, Yap Seng ; K. Kwek ; Broekman, B. F. 
1982A case of a hermaphrodite presenting as a transsexualKok, L.P.; Tsoi, W.F. 
Apr-2013A China-centric economic order in East AsiaWong, J. 
1992A community study of mental disorders in elderly Singaporean Chinese using the GMS-AGECAT packageKua, E.H. 
2004A community study of the health-related quality of life of schizophrenia and general practice outpatients in SingaporeTan, H.-Y. ; Kua, E.-H. ; Choo, W.-C.; Doshi, S.; Lim, L.E.C. 
Mar-2007A conceptual history of KoroBuckle, C.; Chuah, L.Y.M. ; Fones, S.L.C.; Wong, H.C.A.
1987A cross-cultural study of alcohol dependence in SingaporeHeok, K.E.
1992A cross-cultural study of suicide among the elderly in SingaporeKua, E.H. ; Ko, S.M. 
1986A cross-cultural study of the possession-trance in SingaporeEe Heok Kua ; Li Ping Sim; Kuan Tsee Chee
1-Jul-2017A description of an 'obesogenic' eating style that promotes higher energy intake and is associated with greater adiposity in 4.5year-old children: Results from the GUSTO cohortFogel, Anna; Goh, Aiting; Fries, Lisa R.; Sadananthan, Suresh Anand; Velan, Sendhil; Michael, Navin; Tint, Mya Thway Hway ; Fortier, Marielle V.; Chan, Meijun; Toh, Jiaying; Chong, Yap Seng ; Tan, Kokhian; Yap, Fabian; Shek, Pei Chi Lynette ; Meaney, Michael J.; Broekman, Birit F.P. ; Lee, Yung Seng ; Godfrey, Keith M.; Chong, Foong Fong Mary; Forde, Ciaran G. 
1985A five-year follow-up study of schizophrenia in SingaporeTsoi, W.F. ; Kok, L.P. ; Chew, S.K.
2015A pilot randomized controlled trial using EEG-based brain�computer interface training for a Chinese-speaking group of healthy elderlyLee, Tih-Shih ; Quek, Shin Yi ; Goh, Siau Juinn ; Rachel Phillips ; Guan C.; Cheung, Yin Bun ; Feng Lei ; Wang C.C.; Chin Z.Y.; Zhang H.; Lee J.; Ng, Tze Pin ; Krishnan, K Ranga Rama 
2014A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial of Multifaceted Educational Intervention for Mild Cognitive Impairment Among Elderly Malays in Kuala LumpurJohari, S.M.; Shahar, S.; Ng, T.P. ; Rajikan, R.
1995A profile of chinese alcoholics in SingaporeKua, E.H. 
1982A psychiatric rating scale for schizophrenia in Singapore (Woodbridge Hospital rating scale for schizophrenia)Tsoi, W.F. ; Kua, E.H.
1990A psychosocial study of high risk subjects for AIDS.Kok, L.P. ; Ho, M.L.; Heng, B.H.; Ong, Y.W.
1992A questionnaire to screen for cognitive impairment among elderly people in developing countriesKua, E.H. ; Ko, S.M. 
10-May-2012A submicroscopic deletion involving part of the CREBBP gene detected by array-CGH in a patient with Rubinstein-Taybi syndromeLai, A.H.M.; Brett, M.S.; Chin, W.-H.; Lim, E.C.P.; Ng, J.S.H.; Tan, E.-C.