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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A case study on the management of the development of a large-scale power plant project in East Asia based on design-build arrangementLing, Y.Y. ; Lau, B.S.Y.
Nov-2013A comparative analysis of human thermal conditions in outdoor urban spaces in the summer season in Singapore and Changsha, ChinaYang, W.; Wong, N.H. ; Zhang, G.
Oct-2012A comparative study of critical success factors for public private partnerships (PPP) between Mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionCheung, E.; Chan, A.P.C.; Lam, P.T.I.; Chan, D.W.M.; Ke, Y. 
2004A comparative study of top British and Chinese international contractors in the global marketPheng, L.S. ; Hongbin, J.; Leong, C.H.Y. 
2006A comparative study of VOCs in Singapore and European office buildingsZuraimi, M.S.; Roulet, C.-A.; Tham, K.W. ; Sekhar, S.C. ; David Cheong, K.W.; Wong, N.H. ; Lee, K.H.
2011A comparative study on adopting human resource practices for safety management on construction projects in the United States and SingaporeLai, D.N.C. ; Liu, M.; Ling, F.Y.Y. 
Jan-2014A comparison of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for the construction industries of three coastal territoriesGunawansa, A. ; Kua, H.W. 
2008A comprehensive validity index for clusteringSaitta, S.; Raphael, B. ; Smith, I.F.C.
2003A conceptual model for selection of architects by project managers in SingaporeLing, Y.Y. 
14-Feb-2004A conceptual model for web-based construction project managementLEUNG NGA NA
2007A decision support system for predicting accident risks in building projectsImriyas, K.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. 
2007A framework for computing workers' compensation insurance premiums in constructionImriyas, K.; Pheng, L.S. ; Teo, E.A.-L.
2006A framework for developing a knowledge-based decision support system for management of variation orders for institutional buildingsArain, F.M.; Pheng, L.S. 
7-Oct-2004A framework for measuring the benefits that information technology brings to constructionLI YAN
2006A fuzzy expert system for computing workers' compensation insurance premiums in construction: A conceptual frameworkImriyas, K.; Pheng, L.S. ; Lin, T.A. ; Lean, C.S. 
2007A fuzzy knowledge-based system for premium rating of workers' compensation insurance for building projectsImriyas, K.; Pheng, L.S. ; Teo, E.A.-L.
16-Oct-2007A fuzzy knowledge-based system for premium-rating of workers' compensation insurance for construction projectsKAMARDEEN IMRIYAS
2003A Fuzzy Logic framework for Intelligent Building (IB) classification for commercial buildings in the tropicsTan, F.; Lee, S.E. ; Ho, D. ; Schafer, W. 
2006A green experiment conducted in the tropical climateYu, C. ; Hien, W.N. 
Feb-2005A holistic utility bill analysis method for baselining whole commercial building energy consumption in singaporeDong, B. ; Bang Lee, S.; Haji Sapar, M.