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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A balanced thinking-feelings model of information systems continuanceKim, H.-W. ; Chan, H.C. ; Chan, Y.P.
2012A bricolage perspective on healthcare information systems design: An improvisation modelTeoh, S.Y.; Wickramasinghe, N.; Pan, S.L. 
2007A cognitive dissonance perspective of customers' online trust in multi-channel retailersKuan, H.-H. ; Bock, G.-W.; Lee, J.
2002A comparative study of centroid-based, neighborhood-based and statistical approaches for effective document categorizationTam, V.; Santoso, A.; Setiono, R. 
2012A comparative study of cyberattacksKim, S.H. ; Wang, Q.-H.; Ullrich, J.B.
2000A comparison between two neural network rule extraction techniques for the diagnosis of hepatobiliary disordersHayashi, Y.; Setiono, R. ; Yoshida, K.
2003A conceptual framework on the adoption of negotiation support systemsLim, J. 
2007A conceptual model for IT-enabled enterprise risk management in financial organisationsOh, L.-B. ; Phua, T.-W.; Teo, H.-H. 
1999A connectionist approach to generating oblique decision treesSetiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
2003A consolidated methodology for business process reengineeringThong, J.Y.L.; Yap, C.-S. ; Seah, K.L.
2011A context-based investigation into source use by information seekersAgarwal, N.K.; Xu, Y.; Poo, D.C.C. 
2012A cost-based database request distribution technique for online E-commerce applicationsMeer, D.V.; Dutta, K.; Datta, A. 
2000A cross-cultural study on escalation of commitment behavior in software projectsKeil, M.; Tan, B.C.Y.; Wei, K.-K. ; Saarinen, T.; Tuunainen, V.; Wassenaar, A.
2000A dialogue technique to enhance electronic communication in virtual teamsTan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. ; Huang, W.W.; Ng, G.-N.
2006A dual-level analysis of the capability development process: A case study of TT&TPan, S. ; Pan, G.; Hsieh, M.H.
Nov-2006A dual-level analysis of the capability development process: A case study of TT&TPan, S. ; Pan, G.; Hsieh, M.H.
2015A fine-grained image categorization system by cellet-encoded spatial pyramid modelingZhang, Luming ; Gao, Y.; Xia, Y.; Dai, Q.; Li, X.
2008A framework of ICT exploitation for e-participation initiativesPhang, C.W.; Kankanhalli, A. 
2005A human capital perspective of organizational intention to adopt open source softwareLi, Y. ; Tan, C.-H. ; Teo, H.-H. ; Siow, A. 
2012A hybrid method for cross-domain sentiment classification using multiple sourcesFang, F.; Datta, A. ; Dutta, K.