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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Comparative genomics and evolution of the HSP90 family of genes across all kingdoms of organismsChen B.; Zhong D.; Monteiro A. 
2006Comparative insights into questions of lepidopteran wing pattern homologyMonteiro A. ; Glaser G.; Stockslager S.; Glansdorp N.; Ramos D.
2018Correction to: PTEN-L is a novel protein phosphatase for ubiquitin dephosphorylation to inhibit PINK1–Parkin-mediated mitophagy (Cell Research, (2018), 10.1038/s41422-018-0056-0)Wang L. ; Cho Y.-L. ; Tang Y.; Wang J. ; Park J.-E.; Wu Y. ; Wang C.; Tong Y. ; Chawla R. ; Zhang J. ; Shi Y. ; Deng S. ; Lu G.; Wu Y.; Tan H.W.-S. ; Pawijit P.; Lim G.G.-Y.; Chan H.-Y.; Zhang J.; Fang L.; Yu H. ; Liou Y.-C.; Karthik M. ; Bay B.-H. ; Lim K.-L. ; Sze S.-K.; Yap C.T. ; Shen H.-M. 
20-Mar-2019Crystal structure and epitope analysis of house dust mite allergen Der f 21Pang, Sze Lei ; Ho, Kok Lian; Waterman, Jitka; Rambo, Robert Paul; Teh, Aik-Hong; Mathavan, Indran; Harris, Gemma; Beis, Konstantinos; Say, Yee-How; Anusha, Matta Sri ; Sio, Yang Yie; Chew, Fook Tim ; Ng, Chyan Leong
28-Aug-2018Data from: Predatory dipteran larva contributes to nutrient sequestration in a carnivorous pitcher plantLam, Weng Ngai; Lim, Robyn J.Y.; Wong, Shi Hong; Tan, Hugh Tiang Wah 
2014Dynamically-driven enhancement of the catalytic machinery of the SARS 3C-like protease by the S284-T285-I286/A mutations on the extra domainLim L. ; Shi J.; Mu Y.; Song J.
1-Jan-2019Evidence of genetic connectivity between fragmented pig populations in a tropical urban city-stateKoh, Joshua J-M; RHEINDT, FRANK ERWIN ; NG YING XIN, ELIZE ; WEBB,EDWARD LAYMAN 
1-Jan-2019First photographic record of the Rusty-spotted Cat Prionailurus rubiginosus (I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1831) (Mammalia: Carnivora: Felidae) in Horton Plains National Park, Sri LankaNimalrathna, TS; CHOO YAN RU ; Kudavidanage, EP; Amarasinghe, TR; Bandara, UGSI; Wanninayaka, WACL; Ravindrakumar, P; CHUA AIK HWEE MARCUS ; WEBB,EDWARD LAYMAN 
29-Jun-2016Functional characterization of selective exosite-binding inhibitors of Matrix metalloproteinase-13 (MMP-13) – experimental validation in human breast and colon cancerKodappully Siveen ; Tuan Zea Tan ; Jean-Paul Thierry ; Alan Prem Kumar ; Gautam Sethi ; Kunchithapadam Swaminathan 
2014Genetic analysis of an allergic rhinitis cohort reveals an intercellular epistasis between FAM134B and CD39Melchiotti R.; Puan K.J.; Andiappan A.K.; Poh T.Y. ; Starke M.; Zhuang L. ; Petsch K.; Lai T.S.; Chew F.T. ; Larbi A.; Wang D.Y. ; Poidinger M. ; Rotzschke O.
2017Genome-wide association study of Parkinson's disease in East AsiansFoo J.N.; Tan L.C. ; Irwan I.D.; Au W.-L. ; Low H.Q.; Prakash K.-M. ; Ahmad-Annuar A.; Bei J.; Chan A.Y.; Chen C.M.; Chen Y.-C.; Chung S.J.; Deng H.; Lim S.-Y.; Mok V.; Pang H.; Pei Z.; Peng R.; Shang H.-F.; Song K.; Tan A.H.; Wu Y.-R.; Aung T. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Chew F.T. ; Chew S.-H.; Chong S.-A. ; Ebstein R.P. ; Lee J. ; Saw S.-M. ; Seow A. ; Subramaniam M. ; Tai E.-S. ; Vithana E.N. ; Wong T.-Y. ; Heng K.K.; Meah W.-Y. ; Khor C.C. ; Liu H.; Zhang F.; Liu J. ; Tan E.-K. 
2014H2O2 inhibits ABA-signaling protein phosphatase HAB1Sridharamurthy M.; Kovach A.; Zhao Y.; Zhu J.-K.; Xu H.E.; Swaminathan K. ; Melcher K.
20-Feb-2018How Does Agrobacterium Virulence Protein VirE2 Hijack Host Actomyosin Motility System?Shen Q Pan ; Qinghua Yang; Haitao Tu
2014Identification of salt gland-associated genes and characterization of a dehydrin from the salt secretor mangrove Avicennia officinalisJyothi-Prakash P.A.; Mohanty B. ; Wijaya E.; Lim T.-M. ; Lin Q. ; Loh C.-S. ; Kumar P.P. 
2014Intricate predatory decisions by a mosquito-specialist spider from MalaysiaJackson R.R.; Li D. ; Woon J.R.W. ; Hashim R.; Cross F.R.
14-May-2019Mantle-edge regeneration after cropping in the fluted giant clam, Tridacna squamosa Lamarck, 1819Neo, Mei Lin ; Vicentuan, Kareen ; Ang Chiam Foong, Ambert ; Todd, Peter Alan 
1-Apr-2019Messenger RNA Modifications in PlantsShen, Lisha; Liang, Zhe ; Wong, Chui Eng ; Yu, Hao 
2014Microbial and metabolic profiling reveal strong influence of water table and land-use patterns on classification of degraded tropical peatlandsMishra S. ; Lee W.A.; Hooijer A.; Reuben S.; Sudiana I.M.; Idris A.; Swarup S.