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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A bacterial quercetin oxidoreductase quoa-mediated perturbation in the phenylpropanoid metabolic network increases lignification with a concomitant decrease in phenolamides in arabidopsisReuben, S. ; Rai, A.; Pillai, B.V.S.; Rodrigues, A.; Swarup, S. 
Sep-2013A comparative evaluation of sorbents for the treatment of complex metal-bearing laboratory wastewatersVijayaraghavan, K. ; Balasubramanian, R. 
2011A data-driven Dynamic Emulation Modelling approach for the management of large, distributed water resources systemsCastelletti, A.; Galelli, S. ; Restelli, M.; Soncini-Sessa, R.
15-Mar-2012A field study to evaluate runoff quality from green roofsVijayaraghavan, K. ; Joshi, U.M.; Balasubramanian, R. 
2013A numerical study of orographic forcing on TC Dina (2002) in South West Indian OceanJolivet, S. ; Chane-Ming, F.; Barbary, D.; Roux, F.
Oct-2012An attempt to develop seaweed-based treatment technology for the remediation of complex metal-bearing laboratory wastewatersVijayaraghavan, K. ; Joshi, U.M.; Kamala-Kannan, S.
2013An empirical modeling approach to predict and understand phytoplankton dynamics in a reservoir affected by interbasin water transfersFornarelli, R.; Galelli, S. ; Castelletti, A.; Antenucci, J.P.; Marti, C.L.
15-Apr-2012Application of bacterial extracellular polysaccharides/polyaniline composite for the treatment of Remazol effluentJanaki, V.; Oh, B.-T.; Vijayaraghavan, K. ; Kim, J.-W.; Kim, S.A.; Ramasamy, A.K.; Kamala-Kannan, S.
Jan-2013Application of data assimilation for improving forecast of water levels and residual currents in Singapore regional watersKarri, R.R.; Badwe, A. ; Wang, X.; El Serafy, G.; Sumihar, J.; Babovic, V. ; Gerritsen, H.
Apr-2014Application of Ulva sp. biomass for single and binary biosorption of chromium(III) and manganese(II) ions: Equilibrium modelingVijayaraghavan, K. ; Joshi, U.M.
2011Assessing the effectiveness of a real-time control method for Marina Reservoir managementGoedbloed, A.; Galelli, S. ; Schwanenberg, D.
2013Assessing the predictive capability of randomized tree-based ensembles in streamflow modellingGalelli, S. ; Castelletti, A.
2012Bacterial diversity on different surfaces in urban freshwaterReuben, S. ; Chua, C.L.N.; Fam, K.D.; Thian, Z.Y.A.; Kang, M.K.; Swarup, S. 
2012Bleaching susceptibility and growth characteristics of Porites lutea from the Andaman Sea, South ThailandTanzil, J.T.I. 
1-Feb-2013Chicken eggshells remove Pb(II) ions from synthetic wastewaterVijayaraghavan, K. ; Joshi, U.M.
Jul-2012Comparative assessment of Al(III) and Cd(II) biosorption onto turbinaria conoides in single and binary systemsVijayaraghavan, K. ; Gupta, S.; Joshi, U.M.
20-Jun-2012Comparative performance analysis of coordinated model predictive control schemes in the presence of model-plant mismatchAnand, A. ; Samavedham, L. ; Sundaramoorthy, S.
30-Nov-2012Competitive adsorption of Reactive Orange 16 and Reactive Brilliant Blue R on polyaniline/bacterial extracellular polysaccharides composite-A novel eco-friendly polymerJanaki, V.; Vijayaraghavan, K. ; Ramasamy, A.K.; Lee, K.-J.; Oh, B.-T.; Kamala-Kannan, S.
2013Coordinating multiple model predictive controllers for the management of large-scale water systemsAnand, A. ; Galelli, S.; Samavedham, L. ; Sundaramoorthy, S.
Nov-2013Development of bench-scale bio-packed column for wastewater treatment from optical emission spectrometryVijayaraghavan, K. ; Segovia, E.