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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A response to Martel's 'Amo: Volu ut sis: Love, willing, and Arendt's reluctant embrace of sovereignty'Arnold, J. 
5-May-2016Academic development, SoTL and educational researchJohan Geertsema 
2012Aesthetic intelligence - Concepts, technologies and applicationsKasugai, K.; Röcker, C.; Plewe, D. ; Kiriyama, T.; Oksman, V.
2011Aesthetic intelligence: Designing smart and beautiful architectural spacesKasugai, K.; Röcker, C.; Bongers, B.; Plewe, D. ; Dimmer, C.
2011Aid accountability and participatory approaches in post-disaster housing reconstruction1Daly, P. ; Brassard, C.
2005Analysis and retrieval of paintings using artistic color conceptsYelizaveta, M. ; Tat-Seng, C. ; Irina, A. 
Jun-2001Anthony Trollope's Marginalia in Macaulay's critical and historical essaysLandow, G.P. ; Chew, E. 
20-Feb-2013Climate-Induced Elevational Range Shifts and Increase in Plant Species Richness in a Himalayan Biodiversity EpicentreTelwala, Y.; Brook, B.W.; Manish, K.; Pandit, M.K. 
Jan-2007Climatic imprints in Quaternary valley fill deposits of the middle Teesta valley, Sikkim HimalayaMeetei, L.I.; Pattanayak, S.K.; Bhaskar, A.; Pandit, M.K. ; Tandon, S.K.
Mar-2011Coetzee's Diary of a Bad Year, politics, and the problem of positionGeertsema, J. 
Sep-2005Collectors in crisis: The Ruskins' posthumous turnersLeng, A. 
Mar-2006Continuing the search for pattern among rare plants: Are diploid species more likely to be rare?Pandit, M.K. 
2004Cross-dress for success: Performing Ivan Heng and Chowee Leow's An Occasional Orchid and Stella Kon's Emily of Emerald Hill on the Singapore stageChan, K. 
2012Cultural heritage and community recovery in Post-Tsunami AcehDaly, P. ; Rahmayati, Y.
2012Effectiveness of the haptic chair in speech trainingNanayakkara, S.; Wyse, L. ; Taylor, E.A.
6-Jul-2016Fostering community, building trust, and navigating risks in academic developmentHuang Hoon Chng ; Johan Geertsema 
2001Homelessness, irony and suffering: Ndebele and Matlou's life at homeGeertsema, J. 
Sep-2008Iconic, indexical, and symbolic understanding: Commentary on AragnoFavareau, D. 
17-May-2018Identifying "sensible locations" for separated bike lanes on a congested urban road network: A Toronto case studyCharles Burke ; Darren Scott
2012Introduction: Unpacking the challenges of post-2004 AcehDaly, P.