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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2010A comparative evaluation of passive and active samplers for measurements of gaseous semi-volatile organic compounds in the tropical atmosphereHe, J. ; Balasubramanian, R. 
2009A comparative study of seven materials as sorbents for removal of metal ions from real storm water runoffVijayaraghavan, K. ; Arun, M. ; Joshi, U.M.; Balasubramanian, R. 
May-2011A comparison of membranes and enrichment strategies for microbial fuel cellsLefebvre, O. ; Shen, Y.; Tan, Z. ; Uzabiaga, A. ; Chang, I.S.; Ng, H.Y. 
Jan-2010A Dehalococcoides-containing co-culture that dechlorinates tetrachloroethene to trans-1,2-dichloroetheneCheng, D. ; Chow, W.L. ; He, J. 
Jul-2009A high-throughput and quantitative hierarchical oligonucleotide primer extension (HOPE)-based approach to identify sources of faecal contamination in water bodiesHong, P.-Y. ; Wu, J.-H.; Liu, W.-T. 
Jun-2012A low-energy intensive electrochemical system for the eradication of Escherichia coli from ballast water: Process development, disinfection chemistry, and kinetics modelingNadeeshani Nanayakkara, K.G. ; Khorshed Alam, A.K.M.; Zheng, Y.-M. ; Paul Chen, J. 
2008A microbial fuel cell equipped with a biocathode for organic removal and denitrificationLefebvre, O. ; Al-Mamun, A.; Ng, H.Y. 
Aug-2006A modeling study of fouling development in membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatmentLiang, S.; Song, L. ; Tao, G.; Kekre, K.A.; Seah, H.
15-Nov-2007A modified technique for field measurements of dry deposition fluxes of polychlorinated biphenyls in tropical regionsWurl, O. ; Obbard, J.P. 
27-Jan-2010A novel electrolyte-responsive membrane with tunable permeation selectivity for protein purificationZhao, Y.-H. ; Wee, K.-H. ; Bai, R. 
Jan-2010A novel hybrid forward osmosis - nanofiltration (FO-NF) process for seawater desalination: Draw solution selection and system configurationTan, C.H.; Ng, H.Y. 
15-Feb-2010A novel method for obtaining a high-concentration chitosan solution and preparing a high-strength chitosan hollow-fiber membrane with an excellent adsorption capacityHan, W.; Bai, R. 
15-Sep-2007A novel method to prepare high chitosan content blend hollow fiber membranes using a non-acidic dope solvent for highly enhanced adsorptive performanceHan, W.; Liu, C. ; Bai, R. 
1-Mar-2006A numerical study on concentration polarization and system performance of spiral wound RO membrane modulesZhou, W.; Song, L. ; Guan, T.K. 
18-Jan-2008A spatially addressable bead-based biosensor for simple and rapid DNA detectionNg, J.K.; Selamat, E.S.; Liu, W.-T. 
Sep-2009A study of gas/particle partitioning of SVOCs in the tropical atmosphere of Southeast AsiaHe, J. ; Balasubramanian, R. 
27-Jun-2009A study of precipitation scavenging of semivolatile organic compounds in a tropical areaHe, J. ; Balasubramanian, R. 
27-May-2006A study of the physical, chemical, and optical properties of ambient aerosol particles in Southeast Asia during hazy and nonhazy daysSee, S.W.; Balasubramanian, R. ; Wang, W.
9-Jul-2009Ab initio reaction path analysis for the initial hydrogen abstraction from organic acids by hydroxyl radicalsSun, W.; Yang, L. ; Yu, L. ; Saeys, M. 
25-Feb-2010Achieving highly effective non-biofouling performance for polypropylene membranes modified by UV-induced surface graft polymerization of two oppositely charged monomersZhao, Y.-H. ; Zhu, X.-Y.; Wee, K.-H. ; Bai, R.