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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-201710-Year Survival in Children after Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Respiratory FailureMaclaren G. 
2020A 3-Mbps, 802.11g-Based EMG Recording System with Fully Implantable 5-Electrode EMG Acquisition DeviceNg, Kian Ann ; Rusly, Astrid; Gammad, Gil Gerald Lasam ; Le, Nguyen ; Liu, Shih-Chiang ; Leong, Khay Wai ; Zhang, Miaolin; Ho, John S ; Yoo, Jerald ; Yen, Shih-Cheng 
1-Nov-2017A case report of absent epiglottis in children with nager syndrome: Its impact on swallowingTay S.Y.; Loh W.S.; Lim T.C. 
2015A comparison of microbial water quality and diversity for ballast and tropical harbor watersNg C. ; Le T.-H. ; Goh S.G. ; Liang L. ; Kim Y.; Rose J.B.; Yew-Hoong K.G. 
2018A durable, flexible, superhydrophobic and blood-repelling surface for use in medical blood pumpsLi Z ; Nguyen BL ; Cheng YC ; Xue J ; MacLaren G ; Yap CH 
2013A fresh perfectionMacLaren G 
2018A genome-wide association study identifies three novel genetic markers for response to tamoxifen: A prospective multicenter studyOnishi H.; Udagawa C.; Kubo M.; Nakamura S.; Akashi-Tanaka S.; Kuwayama T.; Watanabe C.; Takamaru T.; Takei H.; Ishikawa T.; Miyahara K.; Matsumoto H.; Hasegawa Y.; Momozawa Y.; Low S.-K.; Kutomi G.; Shima H.; Satomi F.; Okazaki M.; Zaha H.; Onomura M.; Matsukata A.; Sagara Y.; Baba S.; Yamada A.; Shimada K.; Shimizu D.; Tsugawa K.; Shimo A.; Hartman M. ; Chan C.-W. ; Lee S.C. ; Endo I.; Zembutsu H.
2018A knowledge, attitude, and practice survey on mediation among clinicians in a tertiary-care hospital in SingaporeLin W.; Ling Z.J.; Liu S.; Beng Lee J.T.; Lim M.; Goh A.; Lim S.; Manning P.G. ; Feng M. ; Loh T.P. 
1-Dec-2017A Multimodal Analgesic Protocol Reduces Opioid-Related Adverse Events and Improves Patient Outcomes in Laparoscopic Sleeve GastrectomyNg J.J.; Leong W.Q.; Tan C.S.; Poon K.H.; Lomanto D. ; So J.B.Y. ; Shabbir A. 
12-Jan-2017A murine orthotopic bladder tumor model and tumor detection systemTham S.M. ; Esuvaranathan K. ; Mahendran R. 
26-Dec-2017A mysterious cause of constrictive pericarditis: unfolding of the missing linkArasaratnam P; Kojodjojo P; Sorokin V. 
2010A national point-prevalence survey of the practice of sedation, analgesia, neuromuscular blockade and delirium assessment in adult intensive care units in SingaporeKoh J ; Tee A ; Phoo WH; Phua GC ; Leong KW ; Chia N; Goh SK ; Tan J ; Ho B; Tan CK ; MacLaren G ; Phua J 
1-Apr-2018A predictive nomogram to identify factors influencing the success of a concomitant laparoscopic cholecystectomy with common bile duct exploration for choledocholithiasisChue K.M.; Aw J.W.B.; Chua S.H.M.; Chen Z.; Iyer S.G. ; Krishnakumar Madhavan ; Kow A.W.C. 
2016A score for predicting acute kidney injury following coronary artery bypass graft surgery in an Asian populationMithiran H; Bonney GK; Bose S; Subramanian S; Yan ZN; En SY; Papadimas E; Chauhan I; MacLaren G ; Kofidis T
1-Oct-2017A study of sports-related orbital fractures in SingaporeLock J.Z.; Hegde R.; Young S.; Lim T.C. ; Amrith S.; Sundar G.
1-Mar-2017A training model for introducing a novel surgical procedure into clinical practice: Our experience on peroral endoscopic myotomy for achalasiaChan D.K.H.; Wong R.K.M.; Phua J.N.S.; Shabbir A. ; Ho K.Y.; Chiu P.W.Y.; So J.B.Y. 
1-Mar-2018Accredited residents perform colonoscopy to the same high standards as consultantsChan D.K.H.; Wong R.K.M.; Yeoh K.G.; Tan K.-K. 
2007Acute Pyelonephritis: Management steps that remain unresolved�Peleg AY; MacLaren G ; Hoy J
18-Jul-2019Agreement between arterial and venous blood gases in trauma resuscitation in emergency department (AGREE)Boon, Yuru; Kuan, Win Sen ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ibrahim, Irwani ; Chua, Mui Teng 
1-Jun-2017American College of Critical Care Medicine clinical practice parameters for hemodynamic support of pediatric and neonatal septic shockDavis A.L.; Carcillo J.A.; Aneja R.K.; Deymann A.J.; Lin J.C.; Nguyen T.C.; Okhuysen-Cawley R.S.; Relvas M.S.; Rozenfeld R.A.; Skippen P.W.; Stojadinovic B.J.; Williams E.A.; Yeh T.S.; Balamuth F.; Brierley J.; De Caen A.R.; Cheifetz I.M.; Choong K.; Conway E.; Jr.; Cornell T.; Doctor A.; Dugas M.-A.; Feldman J.D.; Fitzgerald J.C.; Flori H.R.; Fortenberry J.D.; Graciano A.L.; Greenwald B.M.; Hall M.W.; Han Y.Y.; Hernan L.J.; Irazuzta J.E.; Iselin E.; Van Der Jagt E.W.; Jeffries H.E.; Kache S.; Katyal C.; Kissoon N.; Kon A.A.; Kutko M.C.; MacLaren G. ; Maul T.; Mehta R.; Odetola F.; Parbuoni K.; Paul R.; Peters M.J.; Ranjit S.; Reuter-Rice K.E.; Schnitzler E.J.; Scott H.F.; Torres A.; Jr.; Weingarten-Abrams J.; Weiss S.L.; Zimmerman J.J.; Zuckerberg A.L.