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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19973D atlas of brain connections and functional circuitsPan, Jinghong; Nowinski, Wieslaw L. ; Fock, Loe K. ; Dow, Douglas E.; Chuan, Teh H.
8-Oct-1984A Brillouin scattering study if the sol-gel transition in triton X-100-water systemsNg, S.C. ; Teh, H.C. ; Hosea, T.J.C.; Gan, L.M. 
Oct-1995A cardinalised binary representation for exponentiationLam, K.-Y. ; Sung, K. ; Hui, L.C.-K. 
Dec-1992A CASE tool for conceptual database designSiau, K. ; Chan, H. ; Tan, K. 
Apr-1995A client-server based application using ASTRA-an asynchronous remote procedure call (RPC) mechanismAnanda, A.L. ; Teh, H.C. ; Lee, C.L. ; Koh, E.K. 
1996A clustering-based approach to the separation of text strings from mixed text/graphics documentsHe, S. ; Abe, N.
Sep-1992A comparative modeling approach to a large decision support systemPoh, H.L. 
1998A computer-aided product redesign system for robotic assemblyHsu, W. ; Lee, C.S.G.; Lim, A.
May-1995A data compression scheme for Chinese text files using Huffman coding and a two-level dictionaryOng, G.H. ; Huang, S.Y.
1996A decision support system for bank credit evaluation under riskDing, W. ; Yeo, G.K. 
Oct-1997A dynamic scheduler for the infinite air-cacheTan, K.-L. ; Yu, J.X.
Jan-1994A fast quadtree normalization algorithmAng, C.-H. ; Samet, H.
Dec-1996A Framework for Addressing Group Judgment Biases with Group TechnologyLim, L.-H. ; Benbasat, I.
1993A general UNIX interface for biocomputing and network information retrieval softwareKiong, B.K. ; Tan, T.W. 
1990A graphical knowledge level approach for user-database interactionTan, K.P. ; Chan, H.C. ; Siau, K.L. 
1996A higher-order removal methodChin, W.-N. ; Darlington, J.
1997A hypermedia system for teaching database design taskDhaliwal, J. ; Chan, H. 
1993A hypertext-like approach to navigating through the GCG sequence analysis packageKiong, B.-K. ; Tan, T.-W. 
Dec-1996A Machine-Learning Approach to Automated Negotiation and Prospects for Electronic CommerceOliver, J.R. 
1997A method for the recovery of inclusion dependencies from data-intensive business programsTan, H.B.K. ; Ling, T.W.