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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Advancing Climate Action in the Time of Covid-19Melissa Low Yu Xing 
Sep-2013Asia and European transport biofuels stalled at the same place?Soundararajan, K.; Thomson, E. 
Sep-2013Asia's and Europe's energy policy challenges: IntroductionDent, C.M.; Thomson, E. 
Sep-2019Assessing Energy Security in Caspian Region: The Geopolitical Implications to European Energy StrategyUlviyye Aydin; Dina Azhgaliyeva 
1-Nov-2009China's energy security: Challenges and prioritiesThomson, E. ; Horii, N.
1-Jul-2011China's nuclear energy in light of the disaster in JapanThomson, E. 
21-Jul-2016Chinese Engagement in Southeast Asian Energy and Mineral Resources: Motivations and OutlookPhilip Andrews-Speed ; Mingda Qiu; Christopher Len 
2020Climate talks postponed due to coronavirus pandemic but action must continueMelissa Low Yu Xing 
22-Feb-2019Codes for: Implications of Fiscal and Financial Policies on Unlocking Green Finance and Green InvestmentDina Azhgaliyeva 
1-Feb-2019Codes for: Policy instruments for renewable energy: an empirical evaluation of effectivenessDina Azhgaliyeva 
2011ConclusionPeimani, H. 
2014Conflict and cooperation over access to energy: Implications for a low-carbon futureAndrews-Speed, P. ; van der Linde, C.; Keramidas, K.
2013Constrained support vector machines for photovoltaic in-feed predictionHildmann, M.; Rohatgi, A. ; Andersson, G.
2008Current and expected energy production and consumption within the Bay of Bengal region: A synopsisThomson, E. 
2013Cyber securityPutra, N.A. ; Punzalan, K.
24-Jan-2019Data from: Assessing Energy Security in Caspian Region: The Geopolitical Implications to European Energy StrategyDina Azhgaliyeva 
2012Energy and pollutant damage costs of operating electric, hybrid, and conventional vehicles in SingaporeNazir, S. ; Wong, Y.S.
Apr-2014Energy security in China: A quantitative analysis and policy implicationsYao, L. ; Chang, Y.
2014Energy security in China: The impact of domestic policies and reformsYao, L. 
2009Energy security: An ASEAN perspectiveThomson, E.