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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1998A final report on labour turnover in Singapore : employees' experiences at workCampbell, Donald J. ; Campbell, Kathleen M. 
2000A model of relational leadership: The integration of trust and leader-member exchangeBrower, H.H.; Schoorman, F.D.; Tan, H.H. 
Oct-1998A multi-level perspective of entrepreneurshipChong, Chee Leong 
Sep-2000Adoption and impact of human resource information systems (HRIS)Teo, Thompson Sian Hin ; Lim, Ghee Soon ; Fedric, Sherin Ann
Jul-1999Affective antecedents of role perceptions in organizational citizenship behavior researchLim, Ghee Soon ; Chew, Anne
May-1996An application of Thomas' process model of conflict episodes to negotiation : an exploratory study of relationship building in SingaporeLabig, Chalmer E. ; Ho, Wee Kiong
1998An econometric study on Japanese tourist arrivals in British Columbia and its implicationsHui, T.-K. ; Yuen, C.-C. 
Aug-1996An empirical study of factors influencing personal computer usageTeo, Thompson Sian-hin ; Lim, Vivien K. G. 
Jul-1999An exploratory study on interlocking directorates in SingaporeOng, Chin Huat ; Ong, Kee Sing; Wan, David Tai Wai 
Aug-1997An institutional explanation for the mortality of contractually-based new firmsShane, Scott ; Foo, Maw-Der 
1994An Investigation of the Predictors and Outcomes of Career Commitment in Three Career StagesAryee, S. ; Chay, Y.W. ; Chew, J. 
1996An investigation of the willingness of managerial employees to accept an expatriate assignmentAryee, S.; Chay, Y.W. ; Chew, J. 
1992Antecedents and outcomes of career commitmentAryee, S. ; Tan, K.
Oct-1998Appropriating the benefits from TQM & ISO9000 quality programsChong, Chee Leong 
Apr-1999Attitudes towards homosexuality among youths in Singapore : what has sex got to do with itLim, Vivien K. G. ; Teo, Thompson S. H. 
1998Autonomy, bureaucracy, professionalism and accountability: A transaction cost approach to shipboard controlsKowtha, N.R. 
May-1999Board functions and firm performance : a review and directions for future researchOng, Chin Huat ; Lee, Soo Hoon 
1992Career orientations, perceptions of rewarded activity, and career strategies among R&D professionalsAryee, S. 
Mar-1992Career orientations, perceptions of rewarded activity, and career strategies among R&D professionalsAryee, S. 
1996Career-priority patterns among managerial and professional women in SingaporeBurke, R.J.; Kong, Y.P.