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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19972-D mesh motion compensation with adaptive interpolationHsu P.; Liu R.K.J.; Chen T. 
20103D augmented Markov random field for object recognitionYu W.; Ashraf A.B.; Chang Y.-J.; Li C.; Chen T. 
20153D reasoning from blocks to stabilityJia Z.; Gallagher A.C.; Saxena A.; Chen T. 
20133D-based reasoning with blocks, support, and stabilityJia Z.; Gallagher A.; Saxena A.; Chen T. 
2007A 1000-word vocabulary, speaker-independent, continuous live-mode speech recognizer implemented in a single FPGALin E.C.; Yu K.; Rutenbar R.A.; Chen T. 
2008A Bayesian hierarchical detection framework for parking space detectionHuang C.-C.; Wang S.-J.; Chang Y.-J.; Chen T. 
2015A calibration method using one point for instructing robot by pointing gesturesUeno S.; Naito S.; Chen T. 
2009A collaborative anti-spam systemLai G.-H.; Chen C.-M.; Laih C.-S.; Chen T. 
2008A distributed vision infrastructure for multi-robot localizationStancil B.; Chen T. ; Hsieh H.-W.; Yu H.-H.
2010A distributed vision-based infrastructure for multi-robot navigationHsieh H.-W.; Yu H.-H.; Liu S.-F.; Stancil B.; Chen T. 
2001A framework for optimal blind watermark detectionChen T.P.; Chen T. 
2014A framework of changing image emotion using emotion predictionPeng K.-C.; Karlsson K.; Chen T. ; Zhang D.-Q.; Yu H.
2015A framework of extracting multi-scale features using multiple convolutional neural networksPeng K.-C.; Chen T. 
2010A general boosting-based framework for active object recognitionJia Z.; Chang Y.-J.; Chen T. 
2012A generic model to compose vision modules for holistic scene understandingLi C.; Kowdle A.; Saxena A.; Chen T. 
Oct-2012A global search framework for practical three-dimensional packing with variable carton orientationsHe, Y. ; Wu, Y.; De Souza, R.
2004A GMM parts based face representation for improved verification through relevance adaptationLucey S.; Chen T. 
2010A Hierarchical visual model for video object summarizationLiu D.; Hua G.; Chen T. 
2007A Journey from signal processing to surveillanceChen T. 
2013A latent social approach to YouTube popularity predictionNwana A.O.; Avestimehr S.; Chen T.