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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Nov-201850 years of social issues in Singapore, by Chan, D.Balachandran, Lavanya 
2007A comeback of tradition? The revitalisation of Adat in eastern IndonesiaBräuchler, B. 
27-Jun-2015A comprehensive evaluation of scholarly paper recommendation using potential citation papersSUGIYAMA KAZUNARI ; KAN MIN-YEN 
Nov-2006A demographic perspective on the Muslim worldJones, G.W. 
Nov-2012A Goat's Head on a Sheep's Body? Manufacturing Good Practices for Tibetan MedicineSaxer, M. 
2005A problem by a different name? A review of research on trafficking in South-East Asia and OceaniaPiper, N. 
31-Mar-2015A Tale of Two Stars: Understanding the Establishment of Femininity in Enka Through Misora Hibari and Fuji KeikoTong Koon Fung 
26-Apr-2019'A Woman to Warm My Heart': Low-Wage Mainland Chinese Migrant Men, Thrift and Desires for Intimacy in SingaporeSylvia Ang 
12-Jul-2017Academic risk and resilience for children and young people in AsiaHaibin Li ; Andrew J. Martin; Wei-Jun Jean Yeung 
19-Oct-2019Activity beyond the Home in Old Age: Building a Collective Female Identity in Japanese Karaoke ClassroomsTong Koon Fung 
1-May-2019Adaptation to flood and salinity environments in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: Empirical analysis of farmer-led innovationsTran, TA ; Nguyen, TH; Vo, TT
19-Feb-2018Adaptive co-management in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: Examining the interface between flood management and adaptationThong Tran ; Jamie Pittock; Le Tuan
2013Addressing cold-start in app recommendation: Latent user models constructed from twitter followersLin, J.; Sugiyama, K. ; Kan, M.-Y. ; Chua, T.-S. 
2006Age and aging: The social world of Foucault and BourdieuDumas, A.; Turner, B.S. 
1-Apr-2013Ambivalent cosmopolitan desires: Newly arrived Koreans in Australia and community websitesJung, S. 
Dec-2003An economic survey of northern Sulawesi: Turning weaknesses into strengths under regional autonomySondakh, L.; Jones, G. 
2017An examination of the causes, consequences, and policy responses to the migration of highly trained health personnel from the Philippines: The high cost of living/leaving-a mixed method studyCastro-Palaganas, E; Spitzer, D.L ; Kabamalan, M.M.M; Sanchez, M.C; Caricativo, R; Runnels, V; Labonté, R; Murphy, G.T; Bourgeault, I.L
Dec-2013Anthropological theologies: Engagements and encountersFountain, P. ; Lau, S.W.
17-Jan-2018Anti-Hierarchical Activism in Hong Kong: The Post-80s YouthSonia Lam-Knott 
30-Oct-2017Arts and Culture Strategies for Activating Neighbourhood Public Spaces: Bringing Arts to the Heartlands of SingaporeTrivic Zdravko ; Tan Beng Kiang ; Mascarenhas Nina ; Duong Quyen ; Padawangi Rita