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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2018Can self selection create high-performing teams?CHEN WEIGI ROY ; Gong, J 
23-Oct-2017China Meteorological Publications 1872-1951Chen Yeh-Ning; Chu Junhong ; Png Paak Liang Ivan 
1-Feb-2018Choosing the pond: On-the-job experience and long-run career outcomesGong, J ; Sun, A; Weic, Z
26-Mar-2018Education and Non-cognitive SkillsYvonne Chen Jie ; Lu Yi; Xie Huihua 
1-Mar-2018Law, social responsibility, and outsourcingFu, Q ; Gong, J ; Png, IPL 
1-Jan-2016Modeling and Predicting Learning Behavior in MOOCsQiu, Jiezhong; Tang, Jie; Liu, Tracy Xiao; Gong, Jie ; Zhang, Chenhui; Zhang, Qian; Xue, Yufei
1-Jan-2019Performance feedback, financial slack and the innovation behavior of firmsLu, LH; Wong, PK 
Sep-2018Recover Overnight? Work Interruption and Worker ProductivityCai, Xiqian; Gong, Jie ; Lu, Yi; Zhong, Songfa 
Sep-2010Singapore Information Sector: A Study Using Input-Output TablesTOH MUN HENG ; SHANDRE M THANGAVELU 
May-2020Students’ Conceptions of Bell Curve Grading Fairness in Relation to Goal Orientation and MotivationTAN Yuen Ling, Lynette ; Yuen, Brenda ; LOO, Wee Ling; Prinsloo, Christiaan; Gan, Mark 
10-Jun-2008Suggestions for sound corp governanceTjio Hans ; Png, Ivan 
8-Jan-2020The Average and Distributional Effects of Teenage Adversity on Long-Term HealthGong Jie ; Lu, Yi; Xie, Huihua 
1-Jul-2018The effect of teacher gender on students’ academic and noncognitive outcomesGong, J ; Lu, Y ; Song, H