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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012100 Breast cancer genome sequencing: Heterogeneity-based diagnostic and therapeutic perspectivesKu, C.-S. 
Mar-2012A case of sweet's syndrome due to 5-Azacytidine and vorinostat in a patient with NK/T cell lymphomaPang, A.; Tan, K.B.; Aw, D.; Hsieh, W.-S. ; Goh, B.C.; Lee, S.C. 
14-Mar-2012A cell-based small molecule screening method for identifying inhibitors of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in carcinomaChua, K.-N.; Sim, W.-J.; Racine, V.; Lee, S.-Y.; Goh, B.C.; Thiery, J.P. 
Apr-2012A common BIM deletion polymorphism mediates intrinsic resistance and inferior responses to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in cancerNg, K.P.; Hillmer, A.M.; Chuah, C.T.H.; Juan, W.C.; Ko, T.K. ; Teo, A.S.M.; Ariyaratne, P.N.; Takahashi, N.; Sawada, K.; Fei, Y.; Soh, S.; Lee, W.H.; Huang, J.W.J.; Allen Jr., J.C.; Woo, X.Y.; Nagarajan, N.; Kumar, V.; Thalamuthu, A.; Poh, W.T.; Ang, A.L.; Mya, H.T.; How, G.F.; Yang, L.Y.; Koh, L.P.; Chowbay, B.; Chang, C.-T.; Nadarajan, V.S.; Chng, W.J.; Than, H.; Lim, L.C.; Goh, Y.T.; Zhang, S.; Poh, D.; Tan, P. ; Seet, J.-E.; Ang, M.-K.; Chau, N.-M.; Ng, Q.-S.; Tan, D.S.W.; Soda, M.; Isobe, K.; Nöthen, M.M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Shahab, A.; Ruan, X.; Cacheux-Rataboul, V.; Sung, W.-K.; Tan, E.H.; Yatabe, Y.; Mano, H.; Soo, R.A. ; Chin, T.M. ; Lim, W.-T.; Ruan, Y. ; Ong, S.T.
Nov-2011A comparative study of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI parameters as biomarkers for anti-angiogenic drug therapyKoh, T.S.; Thng, C.H.; Hartono, S.; Tai, B.C. ; Rumpel, H.; Ong, A.B.; Sukri, N.; Soo, R.A. ; Wong, C.I.; Low, A.S.C.; Humerickhouse, R.A.; Goh, B.C.
13-Oct-2019A comprehensive expression landscape of RNA binding proteins (RBPs) across 16 human cancer typesBin Zhang ; Kamesh R. Babu ; Chun You Lim ; Zhi Hao Kwok[student]; Jia Li ; Siqin Zhou ; Henry Yang ; Yvonne Tay 
May-2012A comprehensive survey of genomic alterations in gastric cancer reveals systematic patterns of molecular exclusivity and co-occurrence among distinct therapeutic targetsDeng, N. ; Goh, L.K. ; Wang, H.; Das, K. ; Tao, J.; Tan, I.B.; Zhang, S.; Lee, M.; Wu, J.; Lim, K.H.; Lei, Z.; Goh, G.; Lim, Q.-Y.; Tan, A.L.-K.; Poh, D.Y.S.; Riahi, S.; Bell, S.; Shi, M.M.; Linnartz, R.; Zhu, F.; Yeoh, K.G.; Toh, H.C.; Yong, W.P. ; Cheong, H.C.; Rha, S.Y.; Boussioutas, A.; Grabsch, H.; Rozen, S. ; Tan, P. 
2010A Decision Making System Based on Complementary LearningTan, T.Z. ; Ng, G.S.; Quek, C.
10-Jul-2012A morpho-molecular prognostic model for hepatocellular carcinomaSrivastava, S. ; Wong, K.F. ; Ong, C.W. ; Chan, Y.H.; Yeoh, K.G.; Teh, M.; Luk, J.M.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
2009A multicenter blinded study to evaluate KRAS mutation testing methodologies in the clinical settingWhitehall, V.; Umapathy, A.; Leggett, B.; Tran, K.; Grieu, F.; Iacopetta, B.; Hewitt, C.; Fox, S.; Dobrovic, A.; Evans, T.-J.; Scott, R.J.; Ismail, T. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Wei, Q.L.; Soong, R. ; Collins, P.; Ravetto, P.
Feb-2013A new paradigm emerges from the study of de novo mutations in the context of neurodevelopmental diseaseKu, C.S. ; Polychronakos, C.; Tan, E.K. ; Naidoo, N. ; Pawitan, Y.; Roukos, D.H.; Mort, M.; Cooper, D.N.
21-Apr-2011A novel isoform of the 8p22 tumor suppressor gene DLC1 suppresses tumor growth and is frequently silenced in multiple common tumorsLow, J.S.W. ; Tao, Q.; Ng, K.M.; Goh, H.K.; Shu, X.-S.; Woo, W.L.; Ambinder, R.F.; Srivastava, G.; Shamay, M.; Chan, A.T.C.; Popescu, N.C.; Hsieh, W.-S. 
20-Jun-2013A Novel Measure of Chromosome Instability Can Account for Prognostic Difference in Multiple MyelomaChung, T.-H. ; Mulligan, G.; Fonseca, R.; Chng, W.J.
15-Jan-2019A NOVEL SOCS5/MIR-18/MIR-25 AXIS PROMOTES TUMORIGENESIS IN LIVER CANCERSanchez-Mejias, A ; Kwon, J; Chew, XH ; Siemens, A; Sohn, HS; Jing, G ; Zhang, B ; Yang, H ; Tay, Y 
2014A panel of overexpressed proteins for prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaShang L.; Liu H.-J.; Hao J.-J.; Jiang Y.-Y. ; Shi F.; Zhang Y.; Cai Y.; Xu X.; Jia X.-M.; Zhan Q.-M.; Wang M.-R.
Sep-2009A role for E2F activities in determining the fate of Myc-induced lymphomagenesisRempel, R.E.; Mori, S. ; Gasparetto, M.; Glozak, M.A.; Andrechek, E.R.; Adler, S.B.; Laakso, N.M.; Lagoo, A.S.; Storms, R.; Smith, C.; Nevins, J.R.
Oct-2010A Runx1 intronic enhancer marks hemogenic endothelial cells and hematopoietic stem cellsNg, C.E.L. ; Yokomizo, T. ; Yamashita, N.; Cirovic, B.; Jin, H.; Wen, Z.; Ito, Y.; Osato, M. 
1-Oct-2013A SALL4/MLL/HOXA9 pathway in murine and human myeloid leukemogenesisLi, A.; Yang, Y.; Gao, C.; Lu, J.; Jeong, H.-W.; Liu, B.H. ; Tang, P.; Yao, X.; Neuberg, D.; Huang, G.; Tenen, D.G.; Chai, L.
Sep-2010A sensitive and specific liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric method for determination of belinostat in plasma from liver cancer patientsWang, L.-Z. ; Chan, D.; Yeo, W.; Wan, S.-C.; Chan, S.; Chan, A.; Lee, S.-C.; Lee, H.-S.; Goh, B.-C.