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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Alternative views on a semantic cognitive analysis of the affix beRSew, J.W. 
2015Aspects of cultural intelligence in idiomatic Asian cultural scriptsSew, Jyh Wee 
2015Assessing Malay proficiency at tertiary level: criteria features in learner languageSew, Jyh Wee 
22-Mar-2017Chinese as a Second Language, Vol. 51 (1)Jyh Wee Sew 
Apr-2015Cultural literacy in Chinese and MalaySew, Jyh Wee 
2012Developing student-centered grammar materials for beginners' level IndonesianIndrianti 
2009Dhammapada traditions and translationsFriedlander, P.G. 
16-May-2015Healthy life expectancy and the correlates of self-rated health in an ageing population in Rajshahi district of BangladeshTAREQUE, M.I.; ISLAM, T.M.; KAWAHARA, K.; SUGAWA, M.; SAITO, Y. 
2012Instructional materials for developing multi-competencies: The case of Performative ExercisesWalker, I. 
2013Ke arah penilaian, perkembangan dan pemupukan Bahasa Melayu supranasionalSew, Jyh Wee 
2011Learning beyond the classroom: Language podcast as supplementary learning materialChi, S.W. ; Chan, W.M.
Jan-2012Learning Malay online at tertiary levelSew, J.W. 
22-Dec-2009Loanwords in ThaiSuthiwan, T. ; Tadmor, U.
2012Malay and global literacySew, Jyh Wee 
2020"Mangummangaaraa"; The search of Inao’s origin in ThailandSuthiwan,Titima 
2005Metacognition and learners' interactions with a web-based CALL grammar exerciseChan, W.M. 
20-Jan-2018On the semantic functions and denotations of jīngcháng and chángchángCHAN KWANG GUAN DANIEL ; YUAN HUA-HUNG 
2014Penilaian jurnal akademikSew, Jyh Wee 
Dec-2013Requests and politeness in vietnamese as a native languageNguyen, T.T.M.; Le Ho, G.A. 
2015Semiotics of performing in Najwa Latif's music videosSew, Jyh Wee