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2012An Experimental Methodology to Evaluate Concept Generation Procedures Based on Quantitative Lifecycle PerformanceCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; Kolfschoten, Gwendolyn L; Frey, Daniel D; de Neufville, Richard; de Weck, Olivier L; Geltner, David Michael
Oct-2015Design catalogs: a practical approach to design and value flexibility in engineering systemsCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; de Neufville, Richard; Geltner, David M.
Feb-2013Design Catalogs: A Practical Real Options Valuation Tool for Real Estate Design and Development PlanningCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; de Neufville, Richard; Geltner, David; Deng, Yongheng 
2013Design Catalogues: An Efficient Search Approach for Improved Flexibility in Engineering Systems DesignCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; de Neufville, Richard
Jul-2013Empirical evaluation of procedures to generate flexibility in engineering systems and improve lifecycle performanceCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; Kolfschoten, Gwendolyn L.; Frey, Daniel D.; de Neufville, Richard; de Weck, Olivier L.; Geltner, David Michael
1-May-2015Improving the lifecycle performance of engineering projects with flexible strategies: Example of on-shore LNG production designCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; Ranjbar-Bourani, Mehdi; de Neufville, Richard
Feb-2012Minimizing the economic cost and risk to accelerator-driven subcritical reactor technology: the case of designing for flexibility: Part 2Cardin, Michel-Alexandre ; Steer, Steven J.; Nuttall, William James; Parks, Geoffrey Thomas; Gonalves, Leonardo V. N.; de Neufville, Richard
Jul-2014Quantifying the Value of Flexibility in Design and Management of Onshore LNG Production SystemsCardin, Michel-Alexandre ; Ranjbar-Bourani, Mehdi; Deng, Yinghan ; de Neufville, Richard; Atapattu, Ravindu; Sheng, Xiaoxia; Foo, Kok Seng