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1-Dec-2018Advances in highly doped upconversion nanoparticlesWen S.; Zhou J.; Zheng K. ; Bednarkiewicz A.; Liu X. ; Jin D.
2010Decreased NK cell FcR? in HIV-1 infected individuals receiving combination antiretroviral therapy: A cross sectional studyLeeansyah E. ; Zhou J.; Paukovics G.; Lewin S.R.; Crowe S.M.; Jaworowski A.
2016Genetic modulation of c-di-GMP turnover affects multiple virulence traits and bacterial virulence in rice pathogen Dickeya zeaeChen Y.; Lv M.; Liao L.; Gu Y.; Liang Z.; Shi Z.; Liu S.; Zhou J.; Zhang L. 
2017GLIPR1 modulates the response of cisplatin-resistant human lung cancer cells to cisplatinGong X.; Liu J.; Zhang D.; Yang D. ; Min Z.; Wen X.; Wang G.; Li H.; Song Y.; Bai C.; Li J.; Zhou J.
2015Identification of host-plant volatiles and characterization of two novel general odorant-binding proteins from the legume pod borer, maruca vitrata fabricius (lepidoptera: Crambidae)Zhou J.; Zhang N.; Wang P.; Zhang S. ; Li D. ; Liu K.; Wang G.; Wang X.; Ai H.
2015Impact of libido at 2 weeks after stroke on risk of stroke recurrence at 1-year in a Chinese stroke cohort studyLi J.-J.; Yuan H.-W.; Wang C.-X.; Luo B.-Y.; Ruan J.; Zhang N.; Shi Y.-Z. ; Zhou Y.; Wang Y.-L.; Zhang T.; Zhou J.; Zhao X.-Q.; Wang Y.-J.
2014Production of novel antibiotics zeamines through optimizing Dickeya zeae fermentation conditionsLiao L.; Cheng Y.; Liu S.; Zhou J.; An S.; Lv M.; Chen Y.; Gu Y.; Chen S.; Zhang L.-H. 
2016Relationship between Blood Pressure and Outcomes in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Administered Lytic Medication in the TIMSChina StudyWu W.; Huo X.; Zhao X.; Liao X.; Wang C.; Pan Y.; Wang Y.; Wang Y.; Wang C.; Liu L.; Bi Q.; Cui L.; Sun Y.; He M.; Fan D.; Zhang X.; Li Y.; Wang S.; Fan W.; Ren C.; Liu Z.; Sun X.; Chen X.; Bai Q.; Gu D.; Hu C.; Li X.; Dong Q.; Cheng Y.; Li B.; Li C.; Wang T.; Wang L.; Zhao K.; Tao D.; Qu F.; Zhang J.; Wang J.; Lian Y.; Gao Y.; Sun H.; Li J.; Li G.; Zhu Y.; Yang Z.; Zhou J.; Guo M.; Ma Q.; Gao X.; Huang R.; Xiao B. ; Chen K.; Gao L.; Xu A.; Shao M.; Xu E.; Pan X.; Cai Y.; Xu Y.; Ke K.; Kong Y.; Ding L.; Cao Y.; Liu Y.; Xu K.; Xing C.; Su S.; Zhang G.; Zheng R.; Zhai M.; Zhu Y.; Liu Y.; Zhang X.; Wu S.; Liu J.
2015Retromer Is Essential for Autophagy-Dependent Plant Infection by the Rice Blast FungusZheng W.; Zhou J.; He Y.; Xie Q.; Chen A.; Zheng H.; Shi L.; Zhao X.; Zhang C.; Huang Q.; Fang K.; Lu G.; Ebbole D.J.; Li G.; Naqvi N.I. ; Wang Z.
2012The pro-metastasis tyrosine phosphatase, PRL-3 (PTP4A3), is a novel mediator of oncogenic function of BCR-ABL in human chronic myeloid leukemiaZhou J.; Cheong L.-L.; Liu S.-C.; Chong P.S.Y.; Mahara S.; Bi C.; Ong K.O.K.; Zeng Q.; Chng W.J. 
2015Variation in physician recommendations, knowledge and perceived roles regarding provision of end-of-life careMalhotra C. ; Chan N. ; Zhou J.; Dalager H.B.; Finkelstein E.