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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A fast and quality-preserving method for H.264 encoding using dynamic SAD mapsWu, D.; Chiew, T.K.; Lim, K.P.; Tham, J.Y.; Zhou, Z.; Ko, C.C. 
2014A genome-scale metabolic model of Methanococcus maripaludis S2 for CO 2 capture and conversion to methaneGoyal, N.; Widiastuti, H.; Karimi, I.A. ; Zhou, Z.
Apr-2013A genomic portrait of the emergence, evolution, and global spread of a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus pandemicHolden, M.T.G.; Hsu, L.-Y. ; Kurt, K.; Weinert, L.A.; Mather, A.E.; Harris, S.R.; Strommenger, B.; Layer, F.; Witte, W.; De Lencastre, H.; Skov, R.; Westh, H.; Žemličková, H.; Coombs, G.; Kearns, A.M.; Hill, R.L.R.; Edgeworth, J.; Gould, I.; Gant, V.; Cooke, J.; Edwards, G.F.; McAdam, P.R.; Templeton, K.E.; McCann, A.; Zhou, Z.; Castillo-Ramírez, S.; Feil, E.J.; Hudson, L.O.; Enright, M.C.; Balloux, F.; Aanensen, D.M.; Spratt, B.G.; Fitzgerald, J.R.; Parkhill, J.; Achtman, M.; Bentley, S.D.; Nübel, U.
2006A new watermarking scheme robust to print-and-scanZhou, Z.; He, D.; Sun, Q.; Chang, E.-C. 
2004A novel biodegradable amphiphilic triblock copolymer consisting of poly[(R)-β-hydroxybutyrate] and poly(ethylene oxide) and Its self-association propertyLi, J. ; Ni, X.; Li, X.; Wang, X.; Zhou, Z.; Leong, K.W.
2014A systematic literature review of current research on prevention and protection of fall from height.Poon, L. L.; Goh Y.M. ; Zhou, Z.
Nov-2012A zinc finger protein gene ZFP5 integrates phytohormone signaling to control root hair development in ArabidopsisAn, L.; Zhou, Z.; Sun, L.; Yan, A.; Xi, W.; Yu, N.; Cai, W.; Chen, X.; Yu, H. ; Schiefelbein, J.; Gan, Y.
19-Sep-2007An exchange-free measure of 15N transverse relaxation: An NMR spectroscopy application to the study of a folding intermediate with pervasive chemical exchangeHansen, D.F.; Yang, D. ; Feng, H.; Zhou, Z.; Wiesner, S.; Bai, Y.; Kay, L.E.
2007An improved adaptive interpolation approach for H.264Wu, D.; Lim, K.P.; Chiew, T.K.; Zhou, Z.; Ko, C.C. 
Oct-2013An updated comprehensive techno-economic analysis of algae biodieselNagarajan, S.; Chou, S.K. ; Cao, S.; Wu, C.; Zhou, Z.
Aug-2005BimEL up-regulation potentiates AIF translocation and cell death in response to MPTPLiou, A.K.F.; Zhou, Z.; Pei, W.; Lim, T.-M. ; Yin, X.-M.; Chen, J.
Sep-2004China's evolving health care market: How doctors feel and what they thinkLim, M.-K. ; Yang, H.; Zhang, T.; Zhou, Z.; Feng, W.; Chen, Y.
Jan-2007Combining global and local surrogate models to accelerate evolutionary optimizationZhou, Z.; Ong, Y.S.; Nair, P.B.; Keane, A.J.; Lum, K.Y. 
2007Defect engineering in self-assembled 3D photonic crystalsYan, Q. ; Zhou, Z.; Su, F. ; Zhao, X.S. 
2013Digital manufacturing and cloud manufacturingZhou, Z.; Fuh, J. ; Xie, S.; Jiang, Z.
2010Edge based binarization for video text imagesZhou, Z.; Li, L. ; Tan, C.L. 
1-Sep-2009Effects of spacer arm length and benzoation on enantioseparation performance of β-cyclodextrin functionalized cellulose membranesZhou, Z.; Xiao, Y. ; Hatton, T.A.; Chung, T.-S. 
1-Nov-2011Enantiomeric resolution of tryptophan via stereoselective binding in an ion-exchange membrane partitioned free flow isoelectric focusing systemZhou, Z.; Cheng, J.-H. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Hatton, T.A.; Toriida, M.; Nishiura, K.; Tamai, S.
11-Apr-2006Evolution of interparticle capillary forces during drying of colloidal crystalsZhou, Z.; Li, Q.; Zhao, X.S. 
30-Jan-2007Fabrication of binary colloidal crystals and non-close-packed structures by a sequential self-assembly methodZhou, Z.; Yan, Q. ; Li, Q.; Zhao, X.S.