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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2005A Brownian dynamics study on the self-diffusion of charged tracers in dilute polyelectrolyte solutionsZhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
19-Sep-2006A simulation study on dynamics of dendrimer-polymer conjugatesZhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
31-Dec-2008A study on pilot-scale degassing by polypropylene (PP) hollow fiber membrane contactorsPeng, Z.-G.; Lee, S.-H.; Zhou, T.; Shieh, J.-J.; Chung, T.-S. 
15-Jun-2008C3-Spacer-containing circular oligonucleotides as inhibitors of human topoisomerase IWang, Y.; Ng, M.T.T.; Zhou, T.; Li, X.; Tan, C.H. ; Li, T. 
2-Jan-2002Characterization and modeling of avalanche multiplication in HBTsLin, F.; Chen, B. ; Zhou, T.; Ooi, B.L. ; Kooi, P.S. 
2006Computer simulations of diffusion and dynamics of short-chain polyelectrolytesZhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
21-Jan-2006Computer simulations of diffusion and dynamics of short-chain polyelectrolytes.Zhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
23-Oct-2007Cooperative ridge-trench formation in heteroepitaxial systemsHuang, Z.; Zhou, T.; Chiu, C.-H. 
2012Culture moderates the cardiovascular consequences of anger regulation strategyZhou, T.; Bishop, G.D. 
11-Nov-2005Encapsulation of self-assembled FePt magnetic nanoparticles in PCL nanofibers by coaxial electrospinningSong, T.; Zhang, Y. ; Zhou, T.; Lim, C.T. ; Ramakrishna, S. ; Liu, B.
2005Erratum: A Brownian dynamics study on the self-diffusion of charged tracers in dilute polyelectrolyte solutions (Journal of Chemical Physics (2005) 122 (124905))Zhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
Jan-2007Exchange coupling and its applications in magnetic data storageLi, K.; Wu, Y. ; Guo, Z.; Zheng, Y.; Han, G.; Qiu, J.; Luo, P.; An, L.; Zhou, T.
Oct-2011FePt grain size limit and required switching field in the presence of surface anisotropyGoh, J.Q.; Yuan, Z.-M.; Shen, L.; Zhou, T.; Feng, Y.P. 
2005Financial market model based on self-organized percolationYang, C.; Wang, J.; Zhou, T.; Liu, J. ; Xu, M.; Zhou, P.; Wang, B.
Sep-2006Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus p27 and its isoforms affect symptom expression and potentiate virus movement in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)Zhou, T.; Fan, Z.F.; Li, H.F.; Wong, S.M. 
2015Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Novel Loci Associated With Optic Disc MorphologySpringelkamp, Henriet; Mishra, Aniket; Hysi, Pirro G.; Gharahkhani, Puyo; Hohn, Rene; Khor, Chiea Chuen ; Cooke, Bailey Jessica N.; Luo Xiaoyan; Ramdas, Wishal D.; Vithana, Eranga Nishanthie ; Koh, Victor; Yazar, Seyhan; Xu, Liang; Forward, H.; Kearns, L.S.; Amin, N.; Iglesias, A.I.; Sim, K.-S.; van Leeuwen, E.M.; Demirkan, A.; van der Lee, S.; Loon, Seng-Chee; Rivadeneira, F.; Nag, A.; Sanfilippo, P.G.; Schillert, A.; de Jong, P.T.V.M.; Oostra, B.A.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Hofman, A.; Zhou, T.; Burdon, K.P.; Spector, T.D.; Lackner, K.J.; Saw, Seang-Mei ; Vingerling, J.R.; Teo,Yik-Ying ; Pasquale L.R.; Wolfs, R.C.W.; Lemij, H.G.; Tai, E.-Shyong ; Jonas, J.B.; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Aung, Tin ; Jansonius, N.M.; Klaver, C.C.W.; Craig, J.E.; Young, T.L.; Haines, J.L.; Macgregor, S.; Mackey, D.A.; Pfeiffer, N.; Wong, Tien Yin ; Wiggs, J.L.; Hewitt, A.W.; van Duijn, C.M.; Hammond, C.J.; Allingham, R.R.; Brilliant, M.H.; Budenz, D.L.; Bailey, J.N.C.; Christen, W.G.; Fingert, J.; Gaasterland, D.; Gaasterland, T.; Hauser, M.A.; Kang, J.H.; Kraft, P.; Lee, R.K.; Lichter, P.A.; Liu, Y.; Loomis, S.J.; Moroi, S.E.; Pericak-Vance, M.A.; Realini, A.; Richards, J.E.; Schuman, J.S.; Scott, W.K.; Singh, K.; Sit, A.J.; Vollrath, D.; Weinreb, R.N.; Wollstein, G.; Zack, D.J.; Zhang, K.
Feb-2007Modelling collaboration networks based on nonlinear preferential attachmentZhou, T.; Wang, B.-H.; Jin, Y.-D.I.; He, D.A.-R.; Zhang, P.-P.; He, Y.; Su, B.-B.; Chen, K. ; Zhang, Z.-Z.; Liu, J.-G.
4-Oct-2005Monte Carlo simulations of dendrimer-polymer conjugatesZhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
6-Dec-2013On the origin of giant magnetocaloric effect and thermal hysteresis in multifunctional α-FeRh thin filmsZhou, T.; Cher, M.K.; Shen, L. ; Hu, J.F.; Yuan, Z.M.
21-Oct-2003Ordered nanoporous nickel films and their magnetic propertiesLei, Y. ; Chim, W.-K. ; Zhang, Z.; Zhou, T.; Zhang, L.; Meng, G.; Phillipp, F.