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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A bibliographic analysis of the literature on new service developmentZhou, Q.; Tan, K.C. 
Oct-1995A new tool life criterion for tool condition monitoring using a neural networkZhou, Q.; Hong, G.S. ; Rahman, M. 
2010A nonlinear van der Waals force model for multiwalled carbon nanotubes modeled by a nested system of cylindrical shellsHe, X.Q.; Kitipornchai, S.; Wang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.; Zhou, Q.
1998Accuracy of repeated blood sampling in rats: A new technique applied in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies of the interaction between warfarin and co-enzyme Q10Zhou, Q.; Chan, E. 
Jun-2008Analysis of the influence of relative humidity on the moisture sorption of particles and the aerosolization process in a dry powder inhalerZhu, K.; Tan, R.B.H. ; Kiong Ng, W.; Shen, S.; Zhou, Q.; Heng, P.W.S. 
1995Application of Kohonen neural network for tool condition monitoringRahman, M. ; Zhou, Q.; Hong, G.S. 
May-2007Comparison of surface roughness parameters obtained by scanning probe microscopy for carrier particles of dry powder inhalersChan, L.W. ; Zhou, Q.; Heng, P.W.S. 
Oct-2002Effect of 5-fluorouracil on the anticoagulant activity and the pharmacokinetics of warfarin enantiomers in ratsZhou, Q.; Chan, E. 
Jun-2001Effect of axial deformation on vibration of tall buildingsSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Lee, S.-L. ; Zhou, Q.
Apr-2005Effect of coenzyme Q10 on warfarin hydroxylation in rat and human liver microsomesZhou, Q.; Zhou, S. ; Chan, E. 
Dec-2003Effect of omeprazole on the anticoagulant activity and the pharmacokinetics of warfarin enantiomers in ratsZhou, Q.; Chan, E. 
Oct-2005Effect of omeprazole on the hydroxylation of warfarin enantiomers in human: In-vitro studies with liver microsomes and cDNA-expressed cytochrome P450 isozymesZhou, Q.; Zhou, S. ; Chan, E. 
2009Empirical assessment of an integrative service design frameworkZhou, Q.; Tan, K.C. 
Aug-2003Enantioseparation of warfarin and its metabolites by capillary zone electrophoresisZhou, Q.; Yau, W.-P. ; Chan, E. 
May-2012Genotypic variants at 2q33 and risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in China: A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studiesAbnet, C.C.; Wang, Z.; Song, X.; Hu, N.; Zhou, F.-Y.; Freedman, N.D.; Li, X.-M.; Yu, K.; Shu, X.-O.; Yuan, J.-M.; Zheng, W.; Dawsey, S.M.; Liao, L.M.; Lee, M.P.; Ding, T.; Qiao, Y.-L.; Gao, Y.-T.; Koh, W.-P. ; Xiang, Y.-B.; Tang, Z.-Z.; Fan, J.-H.; Chung, C.C.; Wang, C.; Wheeler, W.; Yeager, M.; Yuenger, J.; Hutchinson, A.; Jacobs, K.B.; Giffen, C.A.; Burdett, L.; Fraumeni Jr., J.F.; Tucker, M.A.; Chow, W.-H.; Zhao, X.-K.; Li, J.-M.; Li, A.-L.; Sun, L.-D.; Wei, W.; Li, J.-L.; Zhang, P.; Li, H.-L.; Cui, W.-Y.; Wang, W.-P.; Liu, Z.-C.; Yang, X.; Fu, W.-J.; Cui, J.-L.; Lin, H.-L.; Zhu, W.-L.; Liu, M.; Chen, X.; Chen, J.; Guo, L.; Han, J.-J.; Zhou, S.-L.; Huang, J.; Wu, Y.; Yuan, C.; Huang, J.; Ji, A.-F.; Kul, J.-W.; Fan, Z.-M.; Wang, J.-P.; Zhang, D.-Y.; Zhang, L.-Q.; Zhang, W.; Chen, Y.-F.; Ren, J.-L.; Li, X.-M.; Dong, J.-C.; Xing, G.-L.; Guo, Z.-G.; Yang, J.-X.; Mao, Y.-M.; Yuan, Y.; Guo, E.-T.; Zhang, W.; Hou, Z.-C.; Liu, J.; Li, Y.; Tang, S.; Chang, J.; Peng, X.-Q.; Han, M.; Yin, W.-L.; Liu, Y.-L.; Hu, Y.-L.; Liu, Y.; Yang, L.-Q.; Zhu, F.-G.; Yang, X.-F.; Feng, X.-S.; Wang, Z.; Li, Y.; Gao, S.-G.; Liu, H.-L.; Yuan, L.; Jin, Y.; Zhang, Y.-R.; Sheyhidin, I.; Li, F.; Chen, B.-P.; Ren, S.-W.; Liu, B.; Li, D.; Zhang, G.-F.; Yue, W.-B.; Feng, C.-W.; Qige, Q.; Zhao, J.-T; Yang, W.-J; Lei, G.-Y.; Chen, L.-Q.; Li, E.-M; Xu, L.-Y.; Wu, Z.-Y.; Bao, Z.-Q.; Chen, J.-L.; Li, X.-C.; Zhuang, X.; Zhou, Y.-F.; Zuo, X.-B.; Dong, Z.-M.; Wang, L.-W.; Fan, X.-P.; Wang, J.; Zhou, Q.; Ma, G.-S.; Zhang, Q.-X.; Liu, H.; Jian, X.-Y.; Lian, S.-Y; Wang, J.-S.; Chang, F.-B.; Lu, C.-D.; Miao, J.-J.; Chen, Z.-G.; Wang, R.; Guo, M.; Fan, Z.-L.; Tao, P.; Liu, T.-J.; Wei, J.; Kong, Q.-P.; Fan, L.; Wang, X.-Z.; Gao, F.-S.; Wang, T.-Y.; Xie, D.; Wang, L.; Chen, S.-Q.; Yang, W.-C.; Hong, J.-Y.; Wang, L.; Qiu, S.-L.; Goldstein, A.M.; Yuan, Z.-Q.; Chanock, S.J.; Zhang, X.-J.; Taylor, P.R.; Wang, L.-D.
2008Influence of UGT1A9 intronic I399C>T polymorphism on SN-38 glucuronidation in Asian cancer patientsSandanaraj, E.; Jada, S.R. ; Shu, X.; Zhou, Q.; Chowbay, B.; Lim, R.; Lee, S.C.; Goh, B.C. ; Zhou, S.
Oct-2012Intraocular pressure and its relationship to ocular and systemic factors in a healthy chinese rural population: The Handan Eye StudyZhou, Q.; Liang, Y.B.; Yin Wong, T. ; Yang, X.H.; Lian, L.; Zhu, D.; Sun, L.P.; Wang, N.L.; Friedman, D.S.
2013Learning to share latent tasks for action recognitionZhou, Q.; Wang, G.; Jia, K.; Zhao, Q. 
Mar-1995On-line cutting state recognition in turning Using a neural networkRahman, M. ; Zhou, Q.; Hong, G.S. 
2008Prevalence and Causes of Low Vision and Blindness in a Rural Chinese Adult Population. The Handan Eye StudyLiang, Y.B.; Duan, X.R.; Yang, X.H.; Wang, F.H.; Zhou, Q.; Sun, L.P.; Wang, N.L.; Friedman, D.S.; Wong, T.Y. ; Wang, J.J.; Zhan, S.Y.