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27-May-2011Adsorbate and defect effects on electronic and transport properties of gold nanotubesCai, Y. ; Zhou, M.; Zeng, M. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.P. 
23-Sep-2011Adsorption of gas molecules on transition metal embedded graphene: A search for high-performance graphene-based catalysts and gas sensorsZhou, M.; Lu, Y.-H. ; Cai, Y.-Q. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.-P. 
14-Mar-2011C-doped ZnO nanowires: Electronic structures, magnetic properties, and a possible spintronic deviceDai, Z. ; Nurbawono, A.; Zhang, A. ; Zhou, M.; Feng, Y.P. ; Ho, G.W. ; Zhang, C. 
Jan-2000Characterization of Si(100) surface after high density HBr/Cl2/O2 plasma etchingLow, C.H.; Chin, W.S. ; Tan, K.L. ; Loh, F.C. ; Zhou, M.; Zhong, Q.H.; Chan, L.H.
1-May-2013Dietary disinhibition modulates neural valuation of food in the fed and fasted statesLee, Y.; Chong, M.F.-F.; Liu, J.C.J.; Libedinsky, C.; Gooley, J.J.; Chen, S.; Wu, T.; Tan, V.; Zhou, M.; Meaney, M.J.; Lee, Y.S.; Chee, M.W.L. 
17-Jan-2013Dipole orientation dependent symmetry reduction of chloroaluminum phthalocyanine on Cu(111)Niu, T.; Zhou, M.; Zhang, J.; Feng, Y. ; Chen, W. 
2012Electrical transport across metal/two-dimensional carbon junctions: Edge versus side contactsWu, Y. ; Wang, Y. ; Wang, J.; Zhou, M.; Zhang, A. ; Zhang, C. ; Yang, Y.; Hua, Y.; Xu, B. 
21-Jul-2012Gold clusters on Nb-doped SrTiO 3: Effects of metal-insulator transition on heterogeneous Au nanocatalysisZhou, M.; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C. 
25-Oct-2012Graphene oxide: An ideal support for gold nanocatalystsYang, M. ; Zhou, M.; Zhang, A. ; Zhang, C. 
14-Mar-2011Graphene-based bipolar spin diode and spin transistor: Rectification and amplification of spin-polarized currentZeng, M. ; Shen, L. ; Zhou, M.; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y. 
21-May-2010Greatly enhanced adsorption and catalytic activity of Au and Pt clusters on defective grapheneZhou, M.; Zhang, A. ; Dai, Z. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.P. 
5-Jun-2013Growth intermediates for CVD graphene on Cu(111): Carbon clusters and defective grapheneNiu, T.; Zhou, M.; Zhang, J.; Feng, Y. ; Chen, W. 
2009Metal-embedded graphene: A possible catalyst with high activityLu, Y.-H. ; Zhou, M.; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.-P. 
May-2007SONNET: Subscription using path queries over structured overlay networksQian, W.; Xu, L. ; Zhou, A.; Zhou, M.
6-Sep-2010Strain effects on hydrogen storage capability of metal-decorated graphene: A first-principles studyZhou, M.; Lu, Y. ; Zhang, C. ; Feng, Y.P. 
9-Dec-2013Strain-engineered surface transport in Si(001): Complete isolation of the surface state via tensile strainZhou, M.; Liu, Z.; Wang, Z.; Bai, Z.; Feng, Y. ; Lagally, M.G.; Liu, F.
7-Oct-2010Strain-enhanced stabilization and catalytic activity of metal nanoclusters on grapheneZhou, M.; Zhang, A. ; Dai, Z. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Zhang, C.