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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20131.5-μm 10-Gb/s VCSEL link for optical access applicationsAl-Qazwini, Z.; Zhou, J.; Kim, H. 
201410-Gb/s, 20-km VCSEL optical access link at 1.5 μm with 23-dB power budgetZhou, J.; Yu, C. ; Kim, H. 
20123D shape analysis for liver-gallbladder anatomical structure retrievalHuang, W.; Xiong, W.; Zhou, J.; Zhang, J.; Yang, T.; Liu, J.; Su, Y.; Lim, C.; Chui, C.K. ; Chang, S.
20113D shape decomposition and comparison for gallbladder modelingHuang, W.; Zhou, J.; Liu, J.; Zhang, J.; Yang, T.; Su, Y.; Law, G.H.; Chui, C.K. ; Chang, S.
20103D shape decomposition for gallbladder anomaly analysisHuang, W.; Zhou, J.; Liu, J.; Zhang, J.; Yang, T.; Yi, S.; Law, G.H.; Chui, C.K. ; Chang, S.
2012A mixed time-/condition-based precognitive maintenance framework using support vectorsPang, C.K. ; Wang, X.; Zhou, J.
2012A novel PIM system and its effective storage compression schemeYang, L.H.; Zhou, J.; Wang, J.; Lee, M.L. 
2012A semi-automatic approach to the segmentation of liver parenchyma from 3D CT images with extreme learning machineHuang, W.; Tan, Z.M.; Lin, Z.; Huang, G.-B.; Zhou, J.; Chui, C.K. ; Su, Y.; Chang, S.
Sep-2006Advanced numerical and experimental techniques for analysis of dynamic responses and solder joint reliability during drop impactLuan, J.-E.; Tee, T.Y.; Pek, E.; Lim, C.T. ; Zhong, Z.; Zhou, J.
2007An intelligent predictive engine for milling machine prognostic monitoringLi, X.; Zhou, J.; Zeng, H.; Wong, Y.S. ; Hong, G.S. 
2002Antigenic and molecular characterization of recent infectious bursal disease virus isolates in ChinaLiu, J.; Kwang, J. ; Zhou, J.
Mar-2014Automatic itinerary planning for traveling servicesChen, G.; Wu, S.; Zhou, J.; Tung, A.K.H. 
1-Jul-2004Catalytic oxidation of pyridine on the supported copper catalysts in the presence of excess oxygenZhou, J.; Xia, Q.-H. ; Shen, S.-C. ; Kawi, S. ; Hidajat, K. 
2001Combined digital speckle shearing interferometry and digital image correlation for analysing vibrating objectsChau, F.S. ; Zhou, J.
Jul-2013Computer-aided focal liver lesion detectionChi, Y.; Zhou, J.; Venkatesh, S.K. ; Huang, S.; Tian, Q.; Hennedige, T.; Liu, J.
2013Content-based image retrieval of multiphase CT images for focal liver lesion characterizationChi, Y.; Zhou, J.; Venkatesh, S.K. ; Tian, Q.; Liu, J.
2006Critical role of pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members in andrographolide-induced apoptosis in human cancer cellsZhou, J.; Zhang, S. ; Choon-Nam, O.; Shen, H.-M.
16-Apr-2009Crystal structure of an avian influenza polymerase PA N reveals an endonuclease active siteYuan, P.; Bartlam, M.; Lou, Z.; Chen, S.; Zhou, J.; He, X.; Lv, Z.; Ge, R. ; Li, X.; Deng, T.; Fodor, E.; Rao, Z.; Liu, Y.
28-Aug-2008Crystal structure of the polymerase PAC-PB1N complex from an avian influenza H5N1 virusHe, X.; Zhou, J.; Bartlam, M.; Zhang, R.; Ma, J.; Lou, Z.; Li, X.; Li, J.; Joachimiak, A.; Zeng, Z.; Ge, R. ; Rao, Z.; Liu, Y.
5-Jan-2010Dendritic cell mediated delivery of plasmid DNA encoding LAMP/HIV-1 gag fusion immunogen enhances T cell epitope responses in HLA DR4 transgenic miceSimon, G.G.; Hu, Y. ; Khan, A.M. ; Zhou, J.; Salmon, J.; Chikhlikar, P.R.; Jung, K.-O.; Marques, E.T.A.; August, J.T.