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16-Jan-2012Birth weight and gestation influence striatal morphology and motor response in normal six-year-old boysQiu, A. ; Rifkin-Graboi, A.; Zhong, J.; Phua, D.Y.L.; Lai, Y.K.; Meaney, M.J.
2009Combined analyses of thalamic volume, shape and white matter integrity in first-episode schizophreniaQiu, A. ; Graham, S. ; Zhong, J.; Chia, M.Y.; Sim, K.
2011Diffeomorphic cortical surface mapping and its comparison with spherical cortical mappingZhong, J.; Qiu, A. 
22-Dec-2011Electronic structure, chemical interactions and molecular orientations of 3,4,9,10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride on TiO 2(110)Cao, L.; Wang, Y.; Zhong, J.; Han, Y.; Zhang, W.; Yu, X. ; Xu, F.; Qi, D.-C. ; Wee, A.T.S. 
Aug-2013Emotional expressions in voice and music: Same code, same effect?Escoffier, N.; Zhong, J.; Schirmer, A.; Qiu, A. 
Jun-2012Inattention and hyperactivity predict alterations in specific neural circuits among 6-year-old boysQiu, A. ; Rifkin-Graboi, A.; Tuan, T.A.; Zhong, J.; Meaney, M.J.
5-Aug-2013Modulating electronic transport properties of MoS2 field effect transistor by surface overlayersLin, J.; Zhong, J.; Zhong, S.; Li, H.; Zhang, H.; Chen, W. 
1-Jan-2010Multi-manifold diffeomorphic metric mapping for aligning cortical hemispheric surfacesZhong, J.; Qiu, A. 
24-Jul-2012Preparation of supercapacitor electrodes through selection of graphene surface functionalitiesLai, L.; Yang, H.; Wang, L.; Teh, B.K.; Zhong, J.; Chou, H.; Chen, L.; Chen, W. ; Shen, Z.; Ruoff, R.S.; Lin, J.
Aug-2010Quantitative evaluation of LDDMM, FreeSurfer, and CARET for cortical surface mappingZhong, J.; Phua, D.Y.L.; Qiu, A.