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2016A dual tracer 18F-FCH/18F-FDG PET imaging of an orthotopic brain tumor xenograft modelFu Y.; Ong L.-C.; Ranganath S.H.; Zheng L.; Kee I.; Zhan W.; Yu S.; Chow P.K.H.; Wang C.-H. 
2011An inhibitory effect of extracellular Ca 2+ on Ca 2+-dependent exocytosisXiong W.; Liu T.; Wang Y.; Chen X.; Sun L.; Guo N.; Zheng H.; Zheng L.; Ruat M.; Han W. ; Zhang C.X.; Zhou Z.
2012Evolution and Functional Characterisation of Melanopsins in a Deep-Sea Chimaera (Elephant Shark, Callorhinchus milii)Davies W.I.L.; Tay B.-H.; Zheng L.; Danks J.A.; Brenner S. ; Foster R.G.; Collin S.P.; Hankins M.W.; Venkatesh B. ; Hunt D.M.
2015Frequency dependent topological patterns of resting-state brain networksQian L.; Zhang Y.; Zheng L.; Shang Y. ; Gao J.-H.; Liu Y.
2017Interface confined hydrogen evolution reaction in zero valent metal nanoparticles-intercalated molybdenum disulfideChen Z. ; Leng K. ; Zhao X. ; Malkhandi S. ; Tang W. ; Tian B. ; Dong L.; Zheng L.; Lin M.; Yeo B.S. ; Loh K.P. 
2015Mobilities Amid the Production of Fixities: Labor in a Japanese InnYi P.; CHEW LI LI ; Zhang Z.; Ren H.; Wang F.; Cong X.; Zheng L.; Luo Y.; Ouyang H.; Low B.C. ; Zhou Y.T.
2015Optimization of heavy chain and light chain signal peptides for high level expression of therapeutic antibodies in CHO cellsHaryadi R.; Ho S.; Kok Y.J.; Pu H.X.; Zheng L.; Pereira N.A.; Li B.; Bi X.; Goh L.-T.; Yang Y.; Song Z.