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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jan-2012A convenient organic-inorganic hybrid approach toward highly stable squaraine dyes with reduced H-aggregationYan, Z.; Xu, H.; Guang, S.; Zhao, X.; Fan, W.; Liu, X.Y. 
2006A taxonomy of manufacturing strategies in ChinaZhao, X.; Sum, C.-C. ; Qi, Y.; Zhang, H.; Lee, T.-S.
Jul-2012Airway stem cells: Review of potential impact on understanding of upper airway diseasesYu, F.; Zhao, X.; Li, C. ; Li, Y.; Yan, Y.; Shi, L.; Gordon, B.R.; Wang, D.-Y.
20-Dec-2005An efficient method for finding the exact solution of nonlinear evolution equationsZhao, X.; Tang, D.; Shu, C. 
2013An exponential wave integrator sine pseudospectral method for the klein-gordon-zakharov systemBao, W. ; Dong, X.; Zhao, X.
2011An online video recommendation framework using rich informationZhao, X.; Li, G. ; Wang, M. ; Li, S.; Chen, X.; Li, Z.
1-Nov-2012Combination of electroreduction with biosorption for enhancement for removal of hexavalent chromiumHou, Y.; Liu, H.; Zhao, X.; Qu, J.; Chen, J.P. 
Jan-2014Construction project risk management in Singapore: Resources, effectiveness, impact, and understandingZhao, X.; Hwang, B.-G. ; Phng, W.
2009Continuous and progressive XML query processing and its applicationsBressan, S. ; Hyong, T.W.; Zhao, X.
Mar-2013Cytotoxic and genotoxic characterization of titanium dioxide, gadolinium oxide, and poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles in human fibroblastsSetyawati, M.I.; Khoo, P.K.S.; Eng, B.H.; Xiong, S.; Zhao, X.; Das, G.K.; Tan, T.T.-Y.; Loo, J.S.C.; Leong, D.T. ; Ng, K.W.
1-Sep-2013Developing fuzzy enterprise risk management maturity model for construction firmsZhao, X.; Hwang, B.-G. ; Low, S.P. 
Jun-2010DNS of wavepacket evolution in a Blasius boundary layerYeo, K.S. ; Zhao, X.; Wang, Z.Y.; Ng, K.C.
13-Mar-2014Downregulation of RUNX1/CBFβ by MLL fusion proteins enhances hematopoietic stem cell self-renewalZhao, X.; Chen, A.; Yan, X.; Zhang, Y.; He, F.; Hayashi, Y.; Dong, Y.; Rao, Y.; Li, B.; Conway, R.M.; Maiques-Diaz, A.; Elf, S.E.; Huang, N.; Zuber, J.; Xiao, Z.; Tse, W.; Tenen, D.G. ; Wang, Q.; Chen, W.; Mulloy, J.C.; Nimer, S.D.; Huang, G.
May-2012Effects of rapid thermal annealing on structural, magnetic and optical properties of Ni-doped ZnO thin filmsZhao, X.; Liu, E.; Ramanujan, R.V.; Chen, J. 
30-May-2008Excited electronic states of dehydro[18]annulene and dehydrobenzo[18]annuleneMang, C.; Liu, C.; Liu, P. ; Zi, J.; Zhou, J.; Zhao, X.; Wu, K.
2012Fast and accurate computation of time-domain acoustic scattering problems with exact nonreflecting boundary conditionsWang, L.-L.; Wang, B. ; Zhao, X.
2009Flow based local ramp metering using iterative learning and PARAMICS platformXu, J. ; Zhao, X.; Srinivasan, D. 
2013Freeway ramp metering by macroscopic traffic scheduling with particle swarm optimizationZhao, X.; Xu, J. ; Srinivasan, D. 
2010Fuzzy logic controller for freeway ramp metering with particle swarm optimization and PARAMICS simulationXu, J. ; Zhao, X.; Srinivasan, D. 
Jul-2012Genetic variant in TP63 on locus 3q28 is associated with risk of lung adenocarcinoma among never-smoking females in AsiaHosgood III, H.D.; Wang, W.-C.; Hong, Y.-C.; Wang, J.-C.; Chen, K.; Chang, I.-S.; Chen, C.-J.; Lu, D.; Yin, Z.; Wu, C.; Zheng, W.; Qian, B.; Park, J.Y.; Kim, Y.H.; Chatterjee, N.; Chen, Y. ; Chang, G.-C.; Hsiao, C.-F.; Yeager, M.; Tsai, Y.-H.; Wei, H.; Kim, Y.T.; Wu, W.; Zhao, Z.; Chow, W.-H.; Zhu, X.; Lo, Y.-L.; Sung, S.W.; Chen, K.-Y.; Yuenger, J.; Kim, J.H.; Huang, L.; Chen, Y.-H.; Gao, Y.-T.; Kim, J.H.; Huang, M.-S.; Jung, T.H.; Caporaso, N.; Zhao, X.; Huan, Z.; Yu, D.; Kim, C.H.; Su, W.-C.; Shu, X.-O.; Kim, I.-S.; Bassig, B.; Chen, Y.-M.; Cha, S.I.; Tan, W.; Chen, H.; Yang, T.-Y.; Sung, J.S.; Wang, C.-L.; Li, X.; Park, K.H.; Yu, C.-J.; Ryu, J.-S.; Xiang, Y.; Hutchinson, A.; Kim, J.S.; Cai, Q.; Landi, M.T.; Lee, K.-M.; Hung, J.-Y.; Park, J.-Y.; Tucker, M.; Lin, C.-C.; Ren, Y.; Perng, R.-P.; Chen, C.-Y.; Jin, L.; Chen, K.-C.; Li, Y.-J.; Chiu, Y.-F.; Tsai, F.-Y.; Yang, P.-C.; Fraumeni Jr., J.F.; Seow, A. ; Lin, D.; Zhou, B.; Chanock, S.; Hsiung, C.A.; Rothman, N.; Lan, Q.