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4-Apr-2008Application of micro-solid-phase extraction for the determination of persistent organic pollutants in tissue samplesBasheer, C. ; Narasimhan, K.; Yin, M.; Zhao, C.; Choolani, M.; Lee, H.K. 
2008Application of micro-solid-phase extraction for the determination of persistent organic pollutants in tissue samplesBasheer, C. ; Yin, M.; Lee, H.K. ; Narasimhan, K. ; Zhao, C.; Choolani, M. 
2007Circulating haptoglobin is an independent prognostic factor in the sera of patients with epithelial ovarian cancerZhao, C.; Annamalai, L. ; Koh, S.C.L. ; Zhang, H.; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. ; Guo, C.; Kothandaraman, N. 
2007Differential recovery of membrane proteins after extraction by aqueous methanol and trifluoroethanolZhang, H.; Ponnusamy, S. ; Zhao, C.; Choolani, M. ; Lin, Q. ; Teck, K.L. ; Hew, C.-L. ; Chung, M.C.M.; Joshi, S.B. ; Kothandaraman, N. ; Hon, S.K.; Arijit, B. ; Rauff, M. 
Jul-1994DUET - A database user interface design environmentOoi, B.C. ; Zhao, C.; Lu, H. 
Aug-2013Label-specific training set construction from web resource for image annotationTang, J.; Yan, S. ; Zhao, C.; Chua, T.-S. ; Jain, R.
Sep-2010Macroporous TiO2/carbon composites prepared via a simple soaking processLi, S.; Zhao, D.; Zheng, J.; Wan, Y.; Zhao, X.S. ; Zhao, C.; Liu, Y.; Liu, F.; Lu, L.; Wang, Y.
Jun-2011Metabolic intermediate complex formation of human cytochrome P450 3A4 by lapatinibTakakusa, H.; Wahlin, M.D.; Zhao, C.; Hanson, K.L.; New, L.S. ; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Nelson, S.D.
2005Modulation of the Ni FUSI workfunction by Yb doping: From midgap to n-type band-edgeYu, H.Y.; Chen, J.D. ; Li, M.F. ; Lee, S.J. ; Kwong, D.L.; Van Dal, M.; Kittl, J.A.; Lauwers, A.; Augendre, E.; Kubicek, S.; Zhao, C.; Bender, H.; Brijs, B.; Geenen, L.; Benedetti, A.; Absil, P.; Jurczak, M.; Biesemans, S.
Sep-2013Nanomaterial scaffolds for stem cell proliferation and differentiation in tissue engineeringZhao, C.; Tan, A.; Pastorin, G. ; Ho, H.K. 
Jan-2013Off-target effects of c-MET inhibitors on thyroid cancer cellsZhou, Y.; Zhao, C.; Gery, S.; Braunstein, G.D.; Okamoto, R.; Alvarez, R.; Miles, S.A.; Doan, N.B.; Said, J.W.; Gu, J.; Phillip Koeffler, H. 
2013Social Cognitive Role of Schizophrenia Candidate Gene GABRB2Tsang, S.Y.; Zhong, S.; Mei, L.; Chen, J.; Ng, S.-K.; Pun, F.W.; Zhao, C.; Jing, B.; Chark, R. ; Guo, J.; Tan, Y.; Li, L.; Wang, C.; Chew, S.H.; Xue, H.
2003Substrate induction of isomaltulose synthase in a newly isolated Klebsiella sp. LX3Li, X.; Zhao, C.; An, Q.; Zhang, D. 
Jan-2014Weakly supervised photo croppingZhang, L.; Song, M.; Yang, Y.; Zhao, Q. ; Zhao, C.; Sebe, N.