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2017A class of liquid anode for rechargeable batteries with ultralong cycle lifeYu J. ; Hu Y.-S.; Pan F. ; Zhang Z.; Wang Q. ; Li H.; Huang X.; Chen L.
2014A double-taper optical fiber-based radiation wave other than evanescent wave in all-fiber immunofluorescence biosensor for quantitative detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7Zhang Z.; Hua F.; Liu T.; Zhao Y.; Li J.; Yang R.; Yang C.; Zhou L. 
2014A survey on computer aided diagnosis for ocular diseasesZhang Z.; Srivastava R.; Liu H.; Chen X.; Duan L.; Kee Wong D.W.; Kwoh C.K.; Wong T.Y. ; Liu J.
2010Comparative gene expression profiling analysis of urothelial carcinoma of the renal pelvis and bladderZhang Z.; Furge K.A.; Yang X.J.; Teh B.T. ; Hansel D.E.
2014Detection of chromosomal breakpoints in patients with developmental delay and speech disordersUtami K.H.; Hillmer A.M.; Aksoy I.; Chew E.G.Y.; Teo A.S.M.; Zhang Z.; Lee C.W.H.; Chen P.J.; Seng C.C.; Ariyaratne P.N.; Rouam S.L.; Soo L.S.; Yousoof S.; Prokudin I.; Peters G.; Collins F.; Wilson M.; Kakakios A.; Haddad G.; Menuet A.; Perche O.; Tay S.K.H. ; Sung K.W.K. ; Ruan X.; Ruan Y.; Liu E.T. ; Briault S.; Jamieson R.V.; Davila S.; Cacheux V.
2014Excellent silicon surface passivation achieved by industrial inductively coupled plasma deposited hydrogenated intrinsic amorphous silicon suboxideGe J.; Tang M.; Wong J.; Zhang Z.; Dippell T.; Doerr M.; Hohn O.; Huber M.; Wohlfart P.; Aberle A.G. ; Mueller T.
2018Impact of maternal nutritional supplementation in conjunction with a breastfeeding support program during the last trimester to 12 weeks postpartum on breastfeeding practices and child development at 30 months oldZhang Z.; Tran N.T.; Nguyen T.S.; Nguyen L.T.; Berde Y.; Tey S.L.; Low Y.L. ; Huynh D.T.T.
2018Luteolin attenuates Wnt signaling via upregulation of FZD6 to suppress prostate cancer stemness revealed by comparative proteomicsHan K.; Lang T.; Zhang Z.; Zhang Y.; Sun Y.; Shen Z.; Beuerman R.W. ; Zhou L. ; Min D.
2009MDPD: An integrated genetic information resource for Parkinson's diseaseTang S.; Zhang Z.; Kavitha G.; Tan E.-K. ; Ng S.K. 
2015Mobilities Amid the Production of Fixities: Labor in a Japanese InnYi P.; CHEW LI LI ; Zhang Z.; Ren H.; Wang F.; Cong X.; Zheng L.; Luo Y.; Ouyang H.; Low B.C. ; Zhou Y.T.
2016Phase I study of oral vinorelbine in combination with erlotinib in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) using two different schedulesSutiman N.; Zhang Z.; Ang M.K. ; Tan S.-W.D.; Toh C.K.; Ng Q.S.; Chowbay B. ; Lim W.-T. 
2015Stem Cells: Microenvironment, Micro/Nanotechnology, and ApplicationLiu H. ; Zhang Z.; Toh W.S. ; Ng K.W. ; Sant S.; Salgado A.
2014Structures of Trypanosoma brucei Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase with Urea-Based Inhibitors Provide Guidance for Drug Design against Sleeping SicknessKoh C.Y. ; Kim J.E.; Wetzel A.B.; de van der Schueren W.J.; Shibata S.; Ranade R.M.; Liu J.; Zhang Z.; Gillespie J.R.; Buckner F.S.; Verlinde C.L.M.J.; Fan E.; Hol W.G.J.
2016The stability of aluminium oxide monolayer and its interface with two-dimensional materialsSong T.T.; Yang M. ; Chai J.W.; Callsen M. ; Zhou J. ; Yang T. ; Zhang Z.; Pan J.S.; Chi D.Z.; Feng Y.P. ; Wang S.J. 
2012Whole-genome reconstruction and mutational signatures in gastric cancerNagarajan N. ; Bertrand D.; Hillmer A.M.; Zang Z.J.; Yao F.; Jacques P.; Teo A.S.; Cutcutache I. ; Zhang Z.; Lee W.H.; Sia Y.Y.; Gao S.; Ariyaratne P.N.; Ho A.; Woo X.Y.; Veeravali L.; Ong C.K.; Deng N.; Desai K.V.; Khor C.C.; Hibberd M.L.; Shahab A.; Rao J.; Wu M.; Teh M. ; Zhu F. ; Chin S.Y.; Pang B. ; So J.B. ; Bourque G.; Soong R.; Sung W.-K. ; Tean Teh B.; Rozen S. ; Ruan X.; Yeoh K.G. ; Tan P.B. ; Ruan Y.