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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A cucumber DELLA homolog CsGAIP may inhibit staminate development through transcriptional repression of B class floral homeotic genesZhang Y.; Liu B. ; Yang S.; An J.; Chen C.; Zhang X.; Ren H.
2014A panel of overexpressed proteins for prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaShang L.; Liu H.-J.; Hao J.-J.; Jiang Y.-Y. ; Shi F.; Zhang Y.; Cai Y.; Xu X.; Jia X.-M.; Zhan Q.-M.; Wang M.-R.
2015Acoustic property reconstruction of a neonate Yangtze finless porpoise's (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis) head based on CT imagingWei C. ; Wang Z.; Song Z.; Wang K.; Wang D.; Au W.W.L.; Zhang Y.
2016An alignment-free algorithm in comparing the similarity of protein sequences based on Pseudo-Markov transition probabilities among amino acidsLi Y.; Song T.; Yang J. ; Zhang Y.; Yang J.
2016Asymmetrical Deterministic Lateral Displacement Gaps for Dual Functions of Enhanced Separation and Throughput of Red Blood CellsZeming K.K. ; Salafi T.; Chen C.-H.; Zhang Y.
2012Efficient inference for fully-connected CRFs with stationarityZhang Y.; Chen T. 
2009Efficient kernels for identifying unbounded-order spatial featuresZhang Y.; Chen T. 
2018Enhancing the hardness and compressive response of magnesium using complex composition alloy reinforcementTun K.S.; Zhang Y.; Parande G. ; Manakari V.; Gupta M. 
2012Evaluating Methods for Isolating Total RNA and Predicting the Success of Sequencing Phylogenetically Diverse Plant TranscriptomesJohnson M.T.J.; Carpenter E.J.; Tian Z.; Bruskiewich R.; Burris J.N.; Carrigan C.T.; Chase M.W.; Clarke N.D. ; Covshoff S.; dePamphilis C.W.; Edger P.P.; Goh F.; Graham S.; Greiner S.; Hibberd J.M.; Jordon-Thaden I.; Kutchan T.M.; Leebens-Mack J.; Melkonian M.; Miles N.; Myburg H.; Patterson J.; Pires J.C.; Ralph P.; Rolf M.; Sage R.F.; Soltis D.; Soltis P.; Stevenson D.; Stewart C.N.; Surek B.; Thomsen C.J.M.; Villarreal J.C.; Wu X.; Zhang Y.; Deyholos M.K.; Wong G.K.-S.
2013Evaluation of the antitumor activity by Ni nanoparticles with verbascosideChen M.; Zhang Y.; Huang B.; Yang X.; Wu Y.; Liu B. ; Yuan Y.; Zhang G.
2013Extended? estimation for two-dimensional Markov jump systems under asynchronous switchingZhang R. ; Zhang Y.; Zhao Y.; Liao J.; Li B.
2016FBS or BSA Inhibits EGCG Induced Cell Death through Covalent Binding and the Reduction of Intracellular ROS ProductionZhang Y.; Xu Y.-Y.; Sun W.-J.; Zhang M.-H.; Zheng Y.-F.; Shen H.-M. ; Yang J.; Zhu X.-Q.
2015Frequency dependent topological patterns of resting-state brain networksQian L.; Zhang Y.; Zheng L.; Shang Y. ; Gao J.-H.; Liu Y.
2017From EST to novel spider silk gene identification for production of spidroin-based biomaterialsHuang W.; Zhang Y.; Chen Y.; Wang Y.; Yuan W.; Zhang N.; Lam T.J. ; Gong Z. ; Yang D. ; Lin Z.
2013Functional divergence of the rapidly evolving miR-513 subfamily in primatesSun Z.; Zhang Y.; Zhang R. ; Qi X.; Su B.
2012Growth inhibition and apoptosis induced by osthole, a natural coumarin, in Hepatocellular CarcinomaZhang L.; Jiang G.; Yao F.; He Y.; Liang G.; Zhang Y.; Hu B.; Wu Y.; Li Y.; Liu H. 
2011GWAS of follicular lymphoma reveals allelic heterogeneity at 6p21.32 and suggests shared genetic susceptibility with diffuse large B-cell lymphomaSmedby K.E.; Foo J.N.; Skibola C.F.; Darabi H.; Conde L.; Hjalgrim H.; Kumar V.; Chang E.T.; Rothman N.; Cerhan J.R.; Brooks-Wilson A.R.; Rehnberg E.; Irwan I.D.; Ryder L.P.; Brown P.N.; Bracci P.M.; Agana L.; Riby J.; Cozen W.; Davis S.; Hartge P.; Morton L.M.; Severson R.K.; Wang S.S.; Slager S.L.; Fredericksen Z.S.; Novak A.J.; Kay N.E.; Habermann T.M.; Armstrong B.; Kricker A.; Milliken S.; Purdue M.P.; Vajdic C.M.; Boyle P.; Lan Q.; Zahm S.H.; Zhang Y.; Zheng T.; Leach S.; Spinelli J.J.; Smith M.T.; Chanock S.J.; Padyukov L.; Alfredsson L.; Klareskog L.; Glimelius B.; Melbye M.; Liu E.T. ; Adami H.-O.; Humphreys K.; Liu J.
2015Hydrogen sulfide donor GYY4137 protects against myocardial fibrosisMeng G.; Zhu J.; Xiao Y.; Huang Z.; Zhang Y.; Tang X.; Xie L.; Chen Y.; Shao Y.; Ferro A.; Wang R.; Moore P.K. ; Ji Y.
2011Image retrieval with geometry-preserving visual phrasesZhang Y.; Jia Z.; Chen T. 
2010Implicit shape kernel for discriminative learning of the hough transform detectorZhang Y.; Chen T.