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2016An alternative strategy for pan-acetyl-lysine antibody generationKim S.-Y.; Sim C.K.; Zhang Q.; Tang H.; Brunmeir R. ; Pan H.; Karnani N.; Han W. ; Zhang K.; Xu F. 
2015Atomic layer deposition of Co3O4 on carbon nanotubes/carbon cloth for high-capacitance and ultrastable supercapacitor electrodeGuan C. ; Qian X.; Wang X.; Cao Y.; Zhang Q.; Li A.; Wang J. 
2016Comparative Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Analyses Reveal New Regulators of Murine Brown AdipogenesisBrunmeir R. ; Wu J.; Peng X.; Kim S.-Y.; Julien S.G.; Zhang Q.; Xie W.; Xu F. 
2018Epigenomic control of thermogenic adipocyte differentiation and functionPeng X.; Zhang Q.; Liao C.; Han W.; Xu F. 
2010Multiscale streamflow variations of the Pearl River basin and possible implications for the water resource management within the Pearl River Delta, ChinaChen Y.D.; Zhang Q.; Xu C.-Y.; Lu X.X. ; Zhang S.
2017Narciclasine attenuates diet-induced obesity by promoting oxidative metabolism in skeletal muscleJulien S.G.; Kim S.-Y.; Brunmeir R. ; Sinnakannu J.R. ; Ge X.; Li H.; Ma W.; Yaligar J.; Bhanu Prakash K.N.; Velan S.S. ; R�der P.V.; Zhang Q.; Sim C.K.; Wu J.; Garcia-Miralles M. ; Pouladi M.A. ; Xie W.; McFarlane C.; Han W. ; Xu F. 
2017Regulation of white and brown adipocyte differentiation by RhoGAP DLC1Sim C.K.; Kim S.-Y.; Brunmeir R. ; Zhang Q.; Li H.; Dharmasegaran D.; Leong C.; Lim Y.Y.; Han W. ; Xu F. 
2015SIRT1 interacts with and deacetylates ATP6V1B2 in mature adipocytesKim S.-Y.; Zhang Q.; Brunmeir R. ; Han W. ; Xu F. 
2016Variation in global chemical composition of PM2.5: emerging results from SPARTANSnider G.; Weagle C.L.; Murdymootoo K.K.; Ring A.; Ritchie Y.; Stone E.; Walsh A.; Akoshile C.; Anh N.X.; Balasubramanian R. ; Brook J.; Qonitan F.D.; Dong J.; Griffith D.; He K.; Holben B.N.; Kahn R.; Lagrosas N.; Lestari P.; Ma Z.; Misra A.; Norford L.K.; Quel E.J.; Salam A.; Schichtel B.; Segev L.; Tripathi S.; Wang C.; Yu C.; Zhang Q.; Zhang Y.; Brauer M.; Cohen A.; Gibson M.D.; Liu Y.; Martins J.V.; Rudich Y.; Martin R.V.