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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A family of oxide ion conductors based on the ferroelectric perovskite Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3Li M.; Pietrowski M.J.; De Souza R.A.; Zhang H.; Reaney I.M.; Cook S.N. ; Kilner J.A.; Sinclair D.C.
2019Bezafibrate induces autophagy and improves hepatic lipid metabolism in glycogen storage disease type IaWaskowicz L.R.; Zhou J. ; Landau D.J.; Brooks E.D.; Lim A. ; Yavarow Z.A.; Kudo T.; Zhang H.; Wu Y. ; Grant S.; Young S.P.; Huat B.B. ; Yen P.M.; Koeberl D.D.
2015Common variants in ACYP2 influence susceptibility to cisplatin-induced hearing lossXu H.; Robinson G.W.; Huang J.; Lim J.Y.-S. ; Zhang H.; Bass J.K.; Broniscer A.; Chintagumpala M.; Bartels U.; Gururangan S.; Hassall T.; Fisher M.; Cohn R.; Yamashita T.; Teitz T.; Zuo J.; Onar-Thomas A.; Gajjar A.; Stewart C.F.; Yang J.J.
2015Development and characterization of bladder cancer patient- derived xenografts for molecularly guided targeted therapyPan C.-X.; Zhang H.; Tepper C.G.; Lin T.-Y.; Davis R.R.; Keck J.; Ghosh P.M.; Gill P.; Airhart S.; Bult C.; Gandara D.R.; Liu E. ; De Vere White R.W.
2015Dissecting the role of aberrant DNA methylation in human leukaemiaAmabile G.; Di Ruscio A.; Muller F.; Welner R.S.; Yang H. ; Ebralidze A.K.; Zhang H.; Levantini E.; Qi L. ; Martinelli G.; Brummelkamp T.; Le Beau M.M.; Figueroa M.E.; Bock C.; Tenen D.G. 
2014Endocytic Pathways Downregulate the L1-type Cell Adhesion Molecule Neuroglian to Promote Dendrite Pruning in DrosophilaZhang H.; Wang Y. ; Wong J.J.L.; Lim K.-L. ; Liou Y.-C.; Wang H. ; Yu F. 
2014Erythrocyte stiffness during morphological remodeling induced by carbon ion radiationZhang B.; Liu B. ; Zhang H.; Wang J.
2016Fine-mapping of the 1p11.2 breast cancer susceptibility locusHorne H.N.; Chung C.C.; Zhang H.; Yu K.; Prokunina-Olsson L.; Michailidou K.; Bolla M.K.; Wang Q.; Dennis J.; Hopper J.L.; Southey M.C.; Schmidt M.K.; Broeks A.; Muir K.; Lophatananon A.; Fasching P.A.; Beckmann M.W.; Fletcher O.; Johnson N.; Sawyer E.J.; Tomlinson I.; Burwinkel B.; Marme F.; Guénel P.; Truong T.; Bojesen S.E.; Flyger H.; Benitez J.; González-Neira A.; Anton-Culver H.; Neuhausen S.L.; Brenner H.; Arndt V.; Meindl A.; Schmutzler R.K.; Brauch H.; Hamann U.; Nevanlinna H.; Khan S.; Matsuo K.; Iwata H.; Dörk T.; Bogdanova N.V.; Lindblom A.; Margolin S.; Mannermaa A.; Kosma V.-M.; Chenevix-Trench G.; Wu A.H.; Ven Den Berg D.; Smeets A.; Zhao H.; Chang-Claude J.; Rudolph A.; Radice P.; Barile M.; Couch F.J.; Vachon C.; Giles G.G.; Milne R.L.; Haiman C.A.; Marchand L.L.; Goldberg M.S.; Teo S.H.; Taib N.A.M.; Kristensen V.; Borresen-Dale A.-L.; Zheng W.; Shrubsole M.; Winqvist R.; Jukkola-Vuorinen A.; Andrulis I.L.; Knight J.A.; Devilee P.; Seynaeve C.; García-Closas M.; Czene K.; Darabi H.; Hollestelle A.; Martens J.W.M.; Li J.; Lu W.; Shu X.-O.; Cox A.; Cross S.S.; Blot W.; Cai Q.; Shah M.; Luccarini C.; Baynes C.; Harrington P.; Kang D.; Choi J.-Y.; Hartman M. ; Chia K.S.; Kabisch M.; Torres D.; Jakubowska A.; Lubinski J.; Sangrajrang S.; Brennan P.; Slager S.; Yannoukakos D.; Shen C.-Y.; Hou M.-F.; Swerdlow A.; Orr N.; Simard J.; Hall P.; Pharoah P.D.P.; Easton D.F.; Chanock S.J.; Dunning A.M.; Figueroa J.D.
15-Jan-2019Fronto-parietal numerical networks in relation with early numeracy in young childrenZhang H.; Wee C.-Y. ; Poh J.S. ; Wang Q. ; Shek L.P. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Fortier M.V. ; Meaney M.J. ; Broekman B.F.P. ; Qiu A. 
2015Gd-metallofullerenol nanomaterial as non-toxic breast cancer stem cell-specific inhibitorLiu Y.; Chen C.; Qian P.; Lu X.; Sun B.; Zhang X.; Wang L.; Gao X.; Li H.; Chen Z.; Tang J.; Zhang W.; Dong J.; Bai R.; Lobie P.E. ; Wu Q.; Liu S.; Zhang H.; Zhao F.; Wicha M.S.; Zhu T.; Zhao Y.
2014Heavy ion and X-ray irradiation alter the cytoskeleton and cytomechanics of cortical neuronsDu Y.T.; Zhang J.; Zheng Q.; Li M.X.; Liu Y.; Zhang B.P.; Liu B. ; Zhang H.; Miao G.Y.
2015Human-like collagen protein-coated magnetic nanoparticles with high magnetic hyperthermia performance and improved biocompatibilityLiu X. ; Zhang H.; Chang L.; Yu B.; Liu Q.; Wu J.; Miao Y.; Ma P.; Fan D.; Fan H.
2015Identification of new susceptibility loci for IgA nephropathy in Han ChineseLi M.; Foo J.-N.; Wang J.-Q.; Low H.-Q.; Tang X.-Q.; Toh K.-Y. ; Yin P.-R.; Khor C.-C. ; Goh Y.-F. ; Irwan I.D.; Xu R.-C.; Andiappan A.K.; Bei J.-X.; Rotzschke O.; Chen M.-H.; Cheng C.-Y. ; Sun L.-D.; Jiang G.-R.; Wong T.-Y. ; Lin H.-L.; Aung T. ; Liao Y.-H.; Saw S.-M. ; Ye K.; Ebstein R.P.; Chen Q.-K.; Shi W.; Chew S.-H.; Chen J.; Zhang F.-R.; Li S.-P.; Xu G.; Tai E.S. ; Wang L.; Chen N.; Zhang X.-J.; Zeng Y.-X.; Zhang H.; Liu Z.-H.; Yu X.-Q.; Liu J.-J.
2016Intestinal Microbiota Distinguish Gout Patients from Healthy HumansGuo Z.; Zhang J.; Wang Z.; Ang K.Y.; Huang S.; Hou Q.; Su X.; Qiao J.; Zheng Y.; Wang L.; Koh E. ; Danliang H. ; Xu J.; Lee Y.K. ; Zhang H.
2015Optimal wind turbines micrositing in onshore wind farms using fuzzy genetic algorithmYang J.; Zhang R. ; Sun Q.; Zhang H.
2015A pilot randomized controlled trial using EEG-based brain�computer interface training for a Chinese-speaking group of healthy elderlyLee, Tih-Shih ; Quek, Shin Yi ; Goh, Siau Juinn ; Rachel Phillips ; Guan C.; Cheung, Yin Bun ; Feng Lei ; Wang C.C.; Chin Z.Y.; Zhang H.; Lee J.; NG TZE PIN ; Krishnan, K Ranga Rama 
2015Proteomic analysis of seedling roots of two maize inbred lines that differ significantly in the salt stress responseCui D.; Wu D.; Liu J. ; Li D.; Xu C.; Li S.; Li P.; Zhang H.; Liu X.; Jiang C.; Wang L.; Chen T.; Chen H.; Zhao L.
2014Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for Continuous Space Optimization Based on Multiple Chains Encoding Method of Quantum BitsZhang R. ; Wang Z.; Zhang H.
2011Rapid evolution and copy number variation of primate RHOXF2, an X-linked homeobox gene involved in male reproduction and possibly brain functionNiu A.-L.; Wang Y.-Q.; Zhang H.; Liao C.-H.; Wang J.-K.; Zhang R. ; Che J.; Su B.
2018Relevance of time-dependence for clinically viable diffusion imaging of the spinal cordGrussu F.; Ianuş A.; Tur C.; Prados F.; Schneider T.; Kaden E.; Ourselin S.; Drobnjak I.; Zhang H.; Alexander D.C. ; Gandini Wheeler-Kingshott C.A.M.